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We strive to build strong working relationships with all our suppliers, regardless of their specializations. These relationships must be based on a set of fixed values, the most important of which are trust, credibility, integrity, and mutual interest.

At "E​lm," we aim to benefit from our Suppliers and benefit them by helping them develop their businesses and raise their standards in order to create a better community for Suppliers, where transparency, justice, and the spirit of fair competition prevail.


Dear Supplier

In line with the directives of the Local Content and Government Procurement Authority, and in our effort to increase the local content percentage as one of Elm's goals, we kindly request that you provide us with the local content percentage of your establishment by sending the certificate issued by the Local Content and Government Procurement Authority. Sharing your establishment's local content percentage may help increase your chances of participating in and winning tenders.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding

Suppliers Registration

We only deal with our approved Suppliers, who have successfully completed the registration process. This process involves submitting several documents and certifications that ensure the supplier's eligibility and reliability.

Suppliers Onboarding Process

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Suppliers Qualification

Procurement Processes

Participation in Tenders
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Payment Process

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Supplier Services

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