The Innovation Department nurtures a ​dynamic and creative environment, aiming to generate innovative products and services for Elm, as well as creative solutions for the challenges facing our customers.

Cognitive Assets
Harnessing patents and intellectual property to optimize Elm’s cognitive assets.

Ideas & Experiences
Generating and cultivating new ideas, and testing them with customers to create valuable opportunities and products for Elm.

Culture & Mindsets
Empowering all Elm employees with the knowledge and tools needed to foster innovation in their roles.

The Three Pillars of Innovation Programs

The Innovation Department nurtures a dynamic and creative environment, aiming to generate innovative products and services for Elm, as well as creative solutions for the challenges facing our customers.

Innovation Leaders Program

A comprehensive training program designed to equip employees with the mindsets and skills essential for fostering innovation. This program includes:


of participants are now implementing design thinking or specific stages of it with their families at home, recognizing its positive impact on children.


of participants are now incorporating design thinking or one of its stages into their work at the company, becoming more confident in its effectiveness compared to traditional methods.


of participants expressed that empathy is the most impactful aspect that in the program, providing them with a deeper understanding of the problems before creating solutions.

Creative Solutions Program

A program designed to assist company departments in developing innovative solutions to address challenges they and their clients face.
Creating new businesses for Elm
Fostering an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset
Identifying problems and understanding their root causes
Developing creative solutions to challenges

Creative Environment

Nurturing a creative environment to foster and enhance the creative confidence of all employees.

Exploring Innovation

Exploring global innovation ecosystems, forging partnerships with innovative enterprises, and creating novel solutions and opportunities for Elm.

Innovation Mindsets

Establishing a sustainable, creative environment, elevating the quality of ideas and their implementation processes, and fostering a culture of improvement and resilience.

Innovation Measure

It is an assessment tool developed by renowned researchers and refined and enhanced by Elm. It enables evaluation of the organization’s innovation environment and culture maturity.

14 kHz Program

We work together as a team to implement innovation tools and methodologies to address challenges, explore ideas, and present them to clients for testing and verification, aiming to deliver creative solutions.

Creative thinking




Analyzing results


Analyzing problems and finding solutions


Client personality


Formulating hypotheses

Facilitating Workshops Program

Designing and facilitating interactive workshops aimed at addressing complex problems and challenges.

Interactive workshops

Conducting workshops with Elm clients and partners to share best practices in innovation facilitation.


Leading brainstorming sessions to generate creative ideas across various sectors and activities.

Problem Diagnosis

Creating a business plan with innovative methodologies to address complex problems and challenges.

Patent Accelerator

The Patent Accelerator is a program designed to increase Elm’s portfolio of patents by encouraging employees to share their unique and novel ideas. These ideas are then entered into a month-long program with the following objectives:
17 registered invention
Securing patents for ideas that successfully pass the test
Performing essential legal checks on ideas
Providing training for employees on the principles of building intellectual property

Growth X Accelerator

Growth X is a program designed to expedite the growth of significant products by employing a range of methodologies, tools, and resources that are strategically assembled to achieve overarching objectives. This program is structured as a collaboration between the product team and the innovation department, encompassing several phases.

Final outputs

The future customer journey, including a practical growth plan and success criteria


Top-performing product owners, and a product from each sector

Program Goal

Enhancing comprehension of user experience and needs to identify new opportunities for addressing urgent challenges and enhancing the value of existing products

Experiment X Accelerator

The goal of Experiment X is to expedite the experimentation process, proving the product’s alignment with market needs by documenting experiments and offering expertise for their efficient implementation at minimal costs and in the shortest time.

Final outputs

Documented experiences and a proven business model


Emerging Product Managers, and a product from each sector