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Diversifying the business portfolio and advancing the economic impact of technology in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Elm’s investment approach revolves around enhancing the business portfolio and fostering technology economies in the MENA region. Drawing on our comprehensive services and accumulated industry expertise, we are committed to exploring promising opportunities that contribute to the continuous growth of our business portfolio while ensuring favorable returns for our shareholders.
Investment Sectors
Elm concentrates its investments in companies operating within specific sectors, including real estate, PropTech, logistics, Health Tech, and FinTech infrastructure.
Investment Objectives

Exploring new markets and creating innovative solutions

Navigating the opportunities and challenges within labor markets

Incorporating products that align with Elm to provide users with higher value services

Achieving financial returns on investments

Achieving financial returns on investments

Fostering a supportive environment for investment and entrepreneurship


Added Value

Expanding thr​ough integration

with Elm’s diverse range of products and services.

Accessing the public sector

via Elm’s established and extended relationships with various public institutions.

Building trust

through involvement in diverse technical projects and sectors.

Providing expert business development consultancy

along with technical and marketing consulting services.