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Sale Partners

Companies and technical institutions that work in selling, publishing, and marketing Elm e-services. Those partners are required to have outlets to market Elm services easily and conveniently across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They should also provide after-sale services to customers closely, from explanation and training on the service, responding to their requests, and updating their data, to follow up on and renewing their subscriptions before they expire. This would ensure that their subscriptions would be always active and would not be suspended.
  • Sara Business Solutions
  • Alnafitha International Information Technology
  • ​ Mazeej Management and Marketing Consulting
  • ​ Amaz Digital Marketing
  • Sawt Al Mostahlik Co.
  • Tact Digital Marketing
  • Rwazen International
  • Max Media Communication Solutions
  • DAM Marketing and Advertising Agency​
  • Tech Sup Marketing Company
  • Enteshaar Aljawdah Company​
  • OSUS
  • Taknia Telecom Company
  • Taqneen Electronic Solutions Co.
  • Shabakah Integrated Technology
  • Saudi Bnood Company for the Development and Operation of Business Networks Ltd.


Companies and technical institutions that market and sell their own electronic products, so that their integration and linking with Elm electronic products and services constitute an added value to their products, including, but not limited to, companies in the car rental sector linking their products and applications to Tamm electronic service and benefiting from authorization processes, etc., and also linking with Tajeer portal and other services.
  • PalmHR Company
  • Standard Solutions for IT Company
  • Jisr Company
  • ​Unified System for Information Technology Company
  • MenaITech Co.
  • Obeikan Digital Solutions Company
  • Systems IT Co.
  • Akhtaboot Inc Arabia
  • Bayzat
  • ​East Cloud Information Technology Co
  • Agility World for Information Technology
  • Balsam United Company
  • ​Exia of Trading Systems est.
  • Pioneers Of Quality Systems & Certifications
  • Ultimate Solutions
  • Next Plus
  • Wafeer Communications and Information Technology
  • Arab Software Company
  • New Era Technology Company
  • Technology Development Package Company
  • Sustainable Technology and Engineering Solutions LTD
  • ForeVision Business Solutions
  • Arabian Information Technology Co
  • Communications Solutions Company
  • ​​Intelligent Solutions Co
  • Al-Wefaq Arabia
  • Namaa for Computers and Information Systems
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