​Our Story | Crafting Change

We have redefined the digital landscape in Saudi Arabia by creating smart solutions that enable government entities, individuals, and private sector companies to advance forward towards a future abundant in opportunities, where the welfare of communities is attained, and our local and global footprint is established.

Your Partner of Choice in Digital Transformation

Driven by our mission to lead digital transformation at governments and institutions, we have established an integrated ecosystem of innovative digital services that support the development of more sustainable projects, smarter cities, more intuitive government services, advanced healthcare and education, safer banking services, and comprehensive logistic services.

Committed to Creating Value

We innovate applications and digital products that enable everyone to achieve their aspirations. We build partnerships with businesses and governments, to build a smarter, more secure and interconnected future. In doing so, we align our goals with Saudi Vision 2030.



Technological research, development and localization


Step I

Electronic products and information security


Beyond the basics

Technological projects and business outsourcing


Integrated experience

Customer-centric digital platforms


Global footprint

International expansion and integration partnerships


Capitalizing on Success

Entering the Saudi Stock Market


Our Vision

We innovate to empower communities and streamline life.

Our Mission

To be the leading digital enabler for government entities and the business sector in Saudi Arabia and the wider region.