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The Importance of Localizing IT Capacities


The localization of IT has become increasingly important given its relevance in national growth and prosperity. This process does just involve the deployment and use of devices and equipment; it fundamentally means developing local capacities to aid in the development of technology to contribute to and achieve local social and economic progress. In addition, localizing technology is also about giving due consideration to the local environmental, historical and cultural realities.

A local economy’s growth and development is hugely influenced by the localization of IT. Experts estimate that more than 45 per cent of the increase in per capita income in recent years in the West is attributed to technological advancement.

The localization of IT also helps make life more comfortable for the individual and society as a whole by saving time and effort and cutting spending. At the same time, it gives the members of society an opportunity to spread their culture and take active roles in the development of the nation and the world. Lastly, it provides a strategic platform for investment and opens up possibilities of new jobs for all social classes.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through the state-owned companies such as ELM, is driving the localization of IT in the country. Established in 1986, ELM is a research company with a focus on technology transfer and localization.

During the early years, ELM understood the important role of IT in the growth of a country’s economy and the development of its society. From the onset, we have focused on emerging as the main building block in the government’s strategy for nationalization and are proud to have achieved it. By the end of 2014, we had attained more than 80 per cent nationalization across all sectors of the company, with the number of Saudi employees exceeding 1,330.

ELM always takes the initiative to sponsor educational institutions specialized in IT to support and develop the local technical sector. Moreover, we employ smart technology as much as possible in the information systems we deploy for government and private authorities. We also encourage national talents to reinvent and innovate themselves to build a local workforce with tremendous experience that can support the Saudi market in line with its ongoing quest to inspire the e-business sector. Lastly, we strategically aim to build a solid foundation for the nationalization of IT industry project through technical programs that are seen as one of the standards of basic performance in the company.

Sustaining an effective local technological movement has become an urgent necessity imposed by this age on any society seeking development and prosperity, and we aspire to become a cornerstone of it. ​​