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Is Performance Quality linked to Environment Quality?


The environment is the most important factor contributing to growth and continuity in all aspects of life. For example, if you place a plant in a closed room without water or light, is it possible for this plant to grow and bear fruit?

An excellent and healthy environment contains all the factors that contribute to growth, continuity, and productivity. These conditions also extend to the environment surrounding humans. This articles discusses the Work Environment. So, why would decision-makers in different companies be interested in harnessing a healthy environment for employees and workers? What are the consequences of these practices?

Many companies and employers ignore the impact of the work environment on the individual's productivity and effectiveness in their surroundings. They may think that this is the employee's problem alone, not aware of the negative impact on the company itself. Negative work environment reduces productivity, increases absenteeism, and job turnovers, affects the mental and physical health of employees, increases stress and fatigue, and leads to pressure and dissatisfaction.

How do we create an environment that enhances employee happiness and productivity?

First, communication is a key pillar affecting employees' and individuals' behaviors. In a study conducted by the University of Michigan, it became clear that effective communication between employees and management improves employee performance and increases productivity. This communication includes reporting mistakes and problems, speaking honestly and transparently, motivating employees, providing positive feedback, encouraging employees to report problems, and providing training to improve communication skills. However, many employees may have difficulty communicating effectively, which may be due to many reasons, such as lack of trust in others, fear of criticism, negative response, or inability to express ideas clearly.

How is effective communication between employees achieved?

This is where employers and departments play a role in promoting this communication by creating a positive and healthy work environment that maintains the employee's psychological safety and continuity of production efficiency by effectively improving and managing the work environment through:

• Fostering trust among employees.

• Providing appropriate training and opportunities for communication.

• Encouraging explicit expression and respond positively to feedback and criticism.

• Encouraging teamwork and collaboration.

• Decreasing pressure and stress in the work environment.

Lastly, there are many ways and means that enable decision-makers to provide a healthy environment that promotes effective communication and improves work efficiency and productivity. If you want to improve yourself and develop your skills and relationships in the work environment, Todd Davis's book "Get Better" may be a good point to start, enjoy reading!