At Elm, we cultivate a work environment that prioritizes employee well-being. We actively support and develop your capabilities through various methods. These methods enhance your effectiveness, hone your skills, and empower you to unleash innovative ideas and contribute meaningfully.
We foster a cultur​e that encourages initiative, open communication, and the exchange of ideas, experiences, and knowledge. This collaborative environment ensures continuous development and growth for every member of our team.
No matter the sector you join or the career path you choose with us, you'll be an integral part of our innovation efforts. Together, we will redesign the way your community grows and contribute to the continued prosperity of our homeland.
Elm's environment revolves around 3 pillars:
  1. Teamwork Environment:We believe that success is achieved only through teamwork, so we are keen to provide a supportive work environment that makes you feel a sense of belonging and appreciation.
  2. Initiative Spirit: We give our employees enough space to take initiative and put forward new ideas, and we believe that every employee has the ability to make a positive difference.
  3. Work-Life Balance We are keen to provide a flexible work environment that allows you to enjoy your personal life.
Elm prepares your journey towards mastering your skills and discovering your potential through:
  • Selection of courses in specialized international institutes
  • Executive training
  • Leadership development programs
  • Group training
  • Language learning programs
  • Specialized training plans
  • Completion of higher education
At Elm, we promote interaction and teamwork through a range of engaging social activities within our dynamic work environment.
  • Monthly employees’ lunch
  • Official seasons and celebrations such as: (Ramadan, holidays, National Day ..)
  • Bring your child to work day (the little Elmer)
  • Social outings for work team
  • Various sports activities
  • Monthly morning coffee with the CEO
  • Annual Elm’s ceremony
  • Social occasions (such as: wedding gifts, newborn gifts, visiting the sick)
​​​Join Elm and be part of an exceptional journey towards creativity and excellence!