Elm embodies a culture where flexibility, innovation, customer focus, reliability, and trust converge seamlessly.
Elm's culture and environment play a vital role in attracting and retaining top-tier talents. This cultural approach cultivates a vibrant and rewarding work environment, promoting loyalty and productivity among team members, which propels them to keep moving forward. Elm is recognized among local and international peers for its robust work culture and environment whose excellence is evident through various benchmarks.
Elm's interconnected environment encourages and facilitates constructive communication among all employees, irrespective of their positions.
In 2023, Elm won the Saudi "Distinguished Work Environment Award for Giant and Large Enterprises" surpassing 88 thousand participating entities. Organized by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, this award recognizes Elm's long-standing commitment to fostering a work environment that values and motivates talent, aligning closely with its vision and strategic objectives of establishing an optimal workplace.
At Elm, empowering employees to voice their opinions is paramount. Everyone is encouraged to openly share suggestions, feedback, and concerns while guaranteeing absolute privacy. This robust approach underscores the importance of key observations, recommendations, and challenges, driving proactive actions to enhance and maintain a truly comfortable work environment.