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develop solutions for our partners starting from the design and systems engineering phase through implementation and setting up phase to operation, maintenance and development phase.

We not only offer documentation but we also re-study and analyze it. We draw the road map for the development of an ideal operating model.

We offer digital outsourcing to enhance our competitive advantage in terms of both operation and service delivery.

Electronic Products


Efada e-service handles the recording and transferring of medical check results for beneficiaries from health institutes whom are authorized


Tamm service helps vehicles' owners in Saudi Arabia to get all updated information of their respective vehicles from their governmental sources

Data Management

Data Management is an e-service based on collection, updating and analyzing data for a project or an organization.


Natheer is an e-service designed for helping organizations to verify the data of the individuals they deal with, and report about the incidents


Kashef service automatically checks the vehicle's data by spotting the vehicle's plate with special cameras, and then the data is checked instantly


Salamah enables various organizations in the private sector to create their own accounts on the Civil Defense portal which allows them to issue or renew civil defense licenses electronically, without the need to visit Civil Defense offices.


Wasl is an e-platform that aims to link the organizations working in the land transport field with the organizational entities. This enables the Public Transport Authority to monitor and control the land transport to raise their level of quality, safety, and security.


“Muqeem” service allows organizations to review its resident workers data and complete their transactions online, anytime and anywhere


It is an electronic portal that provides a range of services to the beneficiaries of air cargo services in KSA


Zawil is the e-services portal of the General Directorate of Border Guard. The portal provides the highest level of e-services to beneficiaries in all the sectors it manages.


A service that enables the deaf to be fully independent and self-reliant in concluding various service procedures by providing interactive interpretation to and from the sign language between the service provider and the deaf beneficiary, through a digital platform based on an integrated, communicative infrastructure between service parties. Platform is downloadable via digital stores in smartphones.

Security Permits

A digital portal provided by the General Authority of Civil Aviation to enable those who work in airports to issue and manage the required security permits for the act of entering airports in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


An electronic portal that enables carriers and freight agents to issue a goods transport document, declare the load of trucks on land roads and verify cargo information and condition.


An electronic platform that enables individual workers and establishments in the field of transportation with all its forms to remotely apply for the various licenses necessary to carry out their works and to complete all procedures and process them electronically without having to visit the Ministry of Transport or its branches and without the need to print any paper transactions.


A service designed to send text messages to beneficiaries' mobile phone numbers registered in Absher at the National Information Center. It assures that all users' messages are delivered on their mobile phone numbers, therefore avoiding any human error or data manipulation.

Yakeen Rowad

For the entrepreneurs we pin our hopes on. To their unbound potential and unfolded capabilities.


In an endeavor to boost the level of hospital capability and efficiency in managing ambulance requests and dispatching paramedics teams, Esaaf system comes as a solution to all relevant challenges. It helps in managing, monitoring and tracking all ambulance requests effectively and assigning paramedics teams and ambulances. In addition to completing patients' information and reports without the need of any paperwork.


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