Creating and developing academies

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​​There is a new global trend and a new philosophy to implement trainings through the establishment and development of a private academy for the organization (such as General Electric, Apple and Samsung academies) which are carrying out a number of important roles, such as strategic alignments, innovation culture, specialized learning paths, in-house trainers development, training content development which is aligned with the strategic challenges faced by the organization, in addition to building an ecosystem in terms of policies and techniques to facilitate the creation of an educational system.

This aspect is designed to help organizations to design, create and operate their own specialized academies. The services include the planning process for a new academy, drafting a feasibility study, developing a strategy and governance for the academy, its technical services, such as, development of trainers or content, as well as operation and management of the academy and maintenance for the training facilities.

  Academy Development Services 

  • Comprehensive strategy development for the academy
  • The development of a governance system
  • Design the work model of the academy
  • Design training curriculums
  • Develop performance procedures for the academy​