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Venturing with Entrepreneurs

At Elm, we have invested in knowledge industry, provided the first integrated electronic service, and accomplished several major achievements in e-Government transformation.

Since we believe that innovators are powerful forces, we are investing in entrepreneurs’ innovative startups.

In the Venture Capital, we encourage the growth of startups by investing first. Then, we enhance the strategic aspects of the startup through our products, access, and knowledge.


In the Venture Capital, we actively invest and partner with digital startups in their early-stages. We prefer to invest in the following domains:

SectorsMobility,Health,Information Security,Financial Services

Customer Segments: Business to Customer, Business to Business, or Business to Government. 

Stage: Early stage sta rtups that have a minimum viable product that is gaining traction.

Selection Criteria

  • Scalable profitable business model
  • Digital startup
  • Solving a validated problem in the market

  • Clear and concise business plan
  • Full commitment from the founders

Venture Capital Values

Business Development Consultation

Entrepreneurs will have the chance to benefit from Elm’s seasoned business developers who are ready to provide consultation on designing business models, understanding market trends, negotiation skills, and many other business related matters.

Technical Consultation

Elm has more than 500 professional experts in its technical workforce who are experienced, and up-to-date in diverse areas of technology. Startups will be able to benefit from mentorship sessions with them.

Marketing Consultation

Entrepreneurs will be able to accelerate their market penetration through Elm’s sales & marketing departments. This will enable them to set & execute strategic marketing plans leading to faster business growth.

Scaling up through integrating with Elm services

We’ve built a vast network of products and services that can be utilized by entrepreneurs. 

Access to public sector

One of our strengths at Elm is our long lasting relationship with variety of public sector organizations. This will help startups to understand those sectors and their needs, and how to approach them.


Through our work in multiple major technological sectors and projects, Elm was able to build a great reputation in these fields. Sharing this credibility with our startups will boost their reputations as well.

Contact Us

  • What is Ventur e Capital?

It’s a new department at Elm that invests in early-stage digital startups. The investments consist of both: cash and business enablement and support.

  • Should t he startup be Saudi?

No, you are welcome to apply regardless your location, though we focus on startups in GCC and middle east countries.

  • How do we evaluate the applications?

In case the startup is aligned with our investment strategy, we look at a number of aspects to assess the probability of success. Starting with the idea itself and whether there is an actual problem being solved. Also, we evaluate the team behind the startup in terms of synergy, past experience, skills, passion, commitment, and completeness of the team. In addition, we consider the vision of the company and the projections of the profitability.

  • What businesses do we exclude?

We focus on digital startups. However, we don’t invest if the startup is:

  1. Non digital

  2. In a late stage

  3. Still in the idea stage

  4. A nonprofit

  • What i s the process?

  1. Submit Application

  2. Filtration

  3. Assessment of the opportunity

  4. Presenting to the investment committee

  5. Due diligence

  6. Closing the investment

  • How can I contact you?

If you have any questions, or for further information, please contact us through Contact Us webpage.

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