Initial Public Offering Page (IPO)

Why Do We Invest in Elm?

In Elm, our passion to create new horizons of prominent solutions is our value that empowers people to conduct their business in the easiest way. Thanks to our unprecedented digital solutions, we became the leading in Saudi Arabia in omni-channel e-government transformation, in which we work non-stop to serve people and enable them to live the best quality of life.

Since its establishment, in 1988, Elm works hard to develop and expand its business, in addition to its keenness to invest in existing and new projects. Furthermore, the company is also keen on strengthening its position, inside and outside the Kingdom, through acquisitions and investments in the companies that integrate with its business. Elm also continues its emerging investments; through which Elm seeks to create a promising investment environment to support entrepreneurs in all the technical fields.

CEO's Message

By providing the best digital solutions driven by our responsibility toward our society and our passion for innovation to facilitate people's lives, Elm was able to cope, successfully, with the ongoing rapid digital transformation.

Over the past years, we worked hard to make Elm one of the leading digital companies, locally and globally, through developing our business and solutions, as well as achieving successive levels of profits.

The IPO plan is an essential step for a leading national company in the digital sector, for promoting our position and support our partners, in the public and private sectors, to expand the scope of their work and achieve their ambitions.

We also affirm our ability to meet the expectations of our stakeholders and start a new stage driven by our ambitious growth strategy, strong profits and outstanding operational performance.

Dr.. Abdul Rahman Al-Jadhi
Elm's CEO

Elm Board of Directors


Raed Abdullah Ibrahim Ahmed

Chairman of Board of Directors


Raed bin Abdullah bin Ismail Ismail

Deputy Chairman of the Board

His Excellency Dr.

Issam Abdullah Khalaf Al-Waqit

Member of the Board of Directors


Abdullah Abdulrahman Abdulmohsen Al-Rabiah

Member of the Board of Directors


Al-Shayhana Saleh Abdullah Al-Azzaz

Member of the Board of Directors


Abdullah Saad Mohammed AlSalem

Member of the Board of Directors


Khaled Abdulaziz Al-Ghoneim

Board Member - Independent


Faris Ibrahim Al-Rashed Al-Humaid

Board Member - Independent

Categories of Targeted Investors

The offering is restricted to two tranches of investors

Participating Parties Tranche

It comprises public and private funds that invest in securities listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul), persons authorized by the Capital Market Authority (CMA) to deal in securities as a principal, clients of a person authorized by the CMA to deal in management activities, legal persons allowed to open an investment account in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and an account with the Depository Centre, including foreign legal persons who are allowed to invest in the market where the shares of the issuer will be listed, government entities, any supranational authority recognized by the CMA, the Exchange, or any other stock exchange recognized by the CMA, or the Depository Center, government-owned companies, whether directly or through a private portfolio manager, as well as GCC companies and funds, if allowed under the terms and conditions of such funds.

It comprises Saudi natural persons, including a Saudi divorced woman or widow who has minor children from a non-Saudi husband, who is entitled to subscribe in her name or the names of her minor children for her benefit, provided that she submits a proof that she is divorced or widowed and is the mother of the minor children, non-Saudi natural persons residing in the Kingdom and GCC citizens who are entitled to open a bank account with one of the receiving agents. The person’s subscription shall be void if he has subscribed in the name of his divorced wife.

Individual Investors Tranche

Important Dates for Investors

23 January 2022
Subscription Application Period for the participants, and the beginning of the Order Book Creating Process.
03 February 2022
Subscription Period for Individual Investors.
03 February 2022
Initially, The Last Date for submitting the Subscription Application Forms for the Participating Categories based on the Number of Shares initially allocated for each.
06 February 2022
The Last Date for paying the Subscription Amount for the Participating Categories based on the Number of Shares initially allocated for each.
06 February 2022
The Last Date for submitting Subscription Applications and paying the Subscription Amount for Individual Investors.
08 February 2022
Announcing the Final Allotment of the Offer Shares.
10 February 2022
Returning the Excess Amounts, If Any.

Financial Consultant

  • Riyad Capital Company

  • Financial Advisor, Lead Manager, Bookrunner, and Underwriter

For Inquiries

For any further inquiries, please contact the financial advisor, Riyadh Capital:

  • Website
  • Email
  • Phone
     920012299 11 966+
  • Fax

    4865908​ 11 966+

Receiving Agents

Important FAQs

Shares can be bought by natural Saudi persons, including the divorced or widowed Saudi woman with minor children from a marriage to a non-Saudi who is entitled to subscribe to the offer shares in their names once she provides proof that she is divorced or widowed and that she is mother of her minor children. Shares can also be bought by natural resident investors and GCC investors, who have bank accounts with a receiving agent and have the right to open an investment bank.

The company capital is eight hundred million (800,000,000) SR divided into eighty million (80,000,000) shares with a nominal value of ten (10) fully paid SR.

The number of offer shares is twenty-four million (24,000,000) shares; seven million and two hundred thousand (7,200,000) shares will be allocated to retail investors.

The minimum number of shares that can be subscribed to is ten (10) shares. Each individual has the right to subscribe to this number and its multiples, provided it shall not exceed two hundred and fifty thousand (250,000) shares.

Subscription information:

For more information about the company or the subscription, please download the prospectus file through the CMA website or Saudi Tadawul or Elm website You may also seek the advice of your financial advisor, Riyad Capital, as your decision to invest shall be based on the information shown in the prospectus and discussing the details with your financial advisor.