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Mobadarat Rowad

Elm supports the executive arm of Mobadarat Rowad that is launched by the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA), in cooperation with the Small & Medium Enterprise General Authority (Monsha’at). It is a package designed for entrepreneurs and startups that enables them to validate their customers’ data by integrating with the NIC database in SDAIA, in a step to achieve highest levels of security and protection as per globally trusted standards, with the lowest cost possible.

Target Audience

  • Saudi Establishments & Startups

  • Entrepreneurs


  • Prevents fraud
  • Instant connectivity
  • Ultimate security

Additional Features

Promotes social


%90 discounts

on transactions

%100 discounts

on subscriptions

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What are the subscription requirements?

  • 3 years maximum, since the company is established.
  • Maximum number of employees is 50.
  • Registration type: commercial.
  • Companies supported by incubators and business accelerators.
  • Apply terms and conditions.