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For the entrepreneurs we pin our hopes on. To their unbound potential and unfolded capabilities.

Yakeen Rowad Advantages

Prevents fraud

Instant connectivity

Ultimate security

Yakeen Rowad… connect with certainty / Yakeen! 

Yakeen Rowad Package is one of “Yakeen” services which enables entrepreneurs and startups to validate the data of any person linked to their entities, including employees, visitors, and customers, as well as job seekers or those searching for job opportunities within their entities, through an instant data validation with the government systems databases. Yakeen employs the highest levels of security and protection as per globally trusted standards.

What can Yakeen Rowad offer for you?
  • Prevents fraud and impersonation.
  • Provides you with updated data as per official records. 
  • Increases the quality of data in your entity.
  • Saves time and effort through instant data checks.