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Wasl is an e-platform that aims to link the organizations working in the land transport field with the organizational entities. This enables the Public Transport Authority to monitor and control the land transport to raise their level of quality, safety, and security.

Wasl Advantages

Organize land transport and improve performance.

Verify the legal status of the vehicles and drivers.

Raise the level of quality in the services and boost the trust in land transport.

Wasl Services

  • Integrate the systems of land transport establishments with Wasl platform.
  • Register vehicles of land transport and verify their legal status.
  • Register land transport drivers, verify their eligibility to work in this field, and validate their security status.
  • Monitor in real-time and track of transport activities, and provide statistics.

Pricing for vehicle tracking services

Service to transfer AVL information from tracking service provider systems to Wasl.



Annual subscription fee for Technical Support for Tracking Service Provider

​SAR 15,000 yearly


  • Which land transport establishments are required to be linked with Wasl platform? 
  • To be informed with the latest regulations, please visit the Public Transport Authority website shown below:https://pta.gov.sa 

  • How to subscribe and link with Wasl platform? 
  • First, the establishment should contact the Public Transport Authority, and then the Authority will review the initial requirements and advise the establishment to contact Elm to proceed with the procedures of linking to the platform and subscribing.

  • What benefits does Wasl platform provide to the Public Transport Authority? 
  • Controlling and developing the quality of land transport operations
  • Contributing to the localization of land transport sector.
  • Contributing to making the Kingdom a logistic center

  • What benefits does Wasl platform provide to the establishments working in the land transport field?   
  • Promoting the competition that is based on the quality of service, as Wasl portal will disqualify the unlicensed establishments, or the establishments that are licensed but possess vehicles and drivers that do not comply with the requirements.
  • Enabling establishments to verify the legal and security status of their vehicles and drivers in a manner that preserves the establishments’ rights and spares them from the consequences of dealing with unqualified drivers or vehicles.
  • Creating investment opportunities in the land transport sector.

  • What impact does Wasl platform have on individuals? 
  • All the establishments, vehicles, and drivers that the individuals will work with will be compliant with the security and safety requirements.

  • Will the establishments linked with Wasl platform be charged for fees? 
  • Yes, and the fees will be shown in the subscription form as per the type of service needed by the establishment