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​In an effort to organize and manage land transportation activities, Wasl platform enables the Transport General Authority and other relevant stakeholders to control and monitor land transport operations, like taxis, trucks and e-freight agents.


Wasl Services

Wasl Ridesharing
to verify drivers and active vehicles in ridesharing apps. The service monitors and tracks each trip data to systemize transport operations in an endeavor to boost quality and ensure safety and security.

Wasl Vehicle Tracking
to verify drivers and vehicles operating in land transport activities, track their locations and status to systemize transport operations in an endeavor to boost quality and ensure safety and security.

Target Audience

  • Government Organizations

  • Transport Establishments

  • Transport Sector Companies

  • Tracking Services Providers


  • Real-time tracking of transport activities
  • Organizing land transport and improve performance
  • Verifying the legal status of the vehicles and drivers
  • Advance competition to uncover better customer service
  • Eliminating ineligible companies

Additional Features

Preserve stakeholders’ rights

in the market

Raising the level of safety

and security

Providing high-tech reports

and statistics

Monitor trucks weight

so not to exceed the weight limit

Preserving and protecting

the infrastructure


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Wasl Ridesharing
Validate and register driver, vehicle and trip in Wasl Platform

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Wasl Tracking
Technical Support for Tracking Service Provider

SR yearly
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This service is only provided for organizations.


How to subscribe and link with Wasl platform? 

  1. First, the establishment should contact the Transport General Authority, and then the Authority will review the initial requirements. 
  2. Advise the establishment to contact Elm to proceed with the procedures of linking to the platform and subscribing. 

Which land transport establishments are required to be linked with Wasl platform? 

To be informed with the latest regulations, please visit Transport General Authority website: