Management of Inspection and Monitoring Services with High Efficiency

Tafteesh is a technical cloud system that aims to manage and organize inspection tasks. The service helps inspectors to schedule inspections, fill violations, and upload information and photos through the system. It provides high transparency for relevant parties to check violations’ details and raise objections.


  • Bodies and Branches Management

    Enabling several key bodies to use the platform and allowing each body to determine all its procedures, without being exposed to other bodies' data.

  • Monitoring Types Management

    Controlling different types of monitoring (routine- random - sequential - monitoring a report) and defining items to be monitored based on the standards specified by the beneficiary.

  • Violations Management

    Defining violations and linking them to the regulations, determining the mechanism of escalating the value of fines or penal procedure for repeating the violation, and sending alerts to relevant divisions in the event of a criminal procedure.

  • Managing Specializations and Activities

    Defining the activities of places that are set to align the specialties and activities with the inspection workflow, so the task is not assigned to an inspector who has a different specialization.

Additional Services

Work Performance Management

Payments Management

External Clients Portal


  • Setting a course of work for each inspection type.
  • Determining the values of fines and penalties of violations.
  • Providing a place that includes all monitoring and inspection information.
  • Managing and controlling inspections and monitoring changes completely and accurately, which helps decision makers.
  • Providing APIs to enable relevant government agencies to subscribe to the platform or link with it.

Additional Features