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A service designed to send text messages to beneficiaries' mobile phone numbers registered in Absher at the National Information Center. It assures that all users' messages are delivered on their mobile phone numbers, therefore avoiding any human error or data manipulation.

Rayah Advantages

An easy-to-connect service through a Web Service.

Ensure that all text messages reach their actual beneficiaries.

Ability to organize categories of messages

Rayah Services

  • Send text messages via telecommunications operators.
  • Issue a receipt number for each message to be registered in the system according to its receiving time and date.
  • The client develops all content and then shares it with Elm to be sent to the user. While ensuring that the content of the message does not exceed 210 characters, with a maximum of three messages.
  • Users can follow-up on the status of any message by providing their ID numbers. There are six types of verification results, as outlined in the link.
  • ID numbers in the service are defined as national ID/residence number.

 Rayah objectives 

  • Provide SMS services to different sectors for better communication with their clients.

  • Increase the level of e-services security.

  • Enhance the level of services provided to clients.