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A service that enables the deaf to be fully independent and self-reliant in concluding various service procedures by providing interactive interpretation to and from the sign language between the service provider and the deaf beneficiary, through a digital platform based on an integrated, communicative infrastructure between service parties. Platform is downloadable via digital stores in smartphones.

Eshara Advantages

Providing creative services for the deaf

Full independence for the deaf

Complying with new digital platforms and technologies

Eshara Services

  • Developing a secure, interactive video chat platform that focuses on service quality and connection speed.
  • Providing a notifications feature to inform the beneficiary of the current availability of the service.
  • Displaying the covered areas by the service through the platform.
  • Considering the privacy of the beneficiaries by using technologies that identify the gender of the beneficiary and transferring the call to an interpreter that matches with the gender of the beneficiary.
  • Enabling the interpreter's evaluation by the beneficiary immediately after the call is finished, to improve the quality of the interpreters and develop the service.
  • We are working at Elm with the Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) to make the application zero rate for beneficiaries, so that it does not consume the balance of the Internet package of the beneficiary. • Possibility of raising complaints or issues regarding the interpreter after the call is finished, to ensure the quality of the service and to achieve the desired objectives.


  • Is the service free for beneficiaries?
  • Yes, and it is possible to subscribe to the fast services option which removes the waiting time before initiating the call with the instant answering service.
  • Will the service be available everywhere and at all times?
  • No, implementation of the service will begin at specific locations that are displayed in the application. Expansion will come later to cover more areas and provide more interpreters.

  • can any entity get the service?
  • Yes, contact Elm and request a subscription, a study will be conducted to assess the needs and what are the requirements to provide the service. To guarantee the longevity of the service in the proper manner and in the highest quality.


Eshara Success Story