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In an endeavor to boost the level of hospital capability and efficiency in managing ambulance requests and dispatching paramedics teams, Esaaf system comes as a solution to all relevant challenges. It helps in managing, monitoring and tracking all ambulance requests effectively and assigning paramedics teams and ambulances. In addition to completing patients' information and reports without the need of any paperwork.

Esaaf Services

  • Reduce communication challenges by processing ambulance requests electronically.
  • Save time and effort for medical staff.
  • Maintain the continuity of work and complete ambulance requests accurately.
  • Monitor the status of the ambulance requests and dispatched teams.
  • Activate notifications and reminders to complete requests via email.
  • Track the ambulances vehicle location immediately via GPS.

Target Group

  • Public and private health clusters


  • Who are the end beneficiaries of Esaaf system, and what are their tasks?
  • Ambulance Requester (Create ambulance request).
    Ambulance System Administrator (adding locations, users, and ambulances).
    Ambulance System Lead (approving or rejecting the ambulance request).
    Teams Assigning System Lead (Assigning Teams).
    Paramedic (documenting the patient’s ambulance report).
    Driver (driving and updating ambulance journey status via mobile app).