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Offering secure and reliable e-sales operations to sellers and consumers is vital to any flourishing business. Such demand kindled our innovation to introduce Dhamen, a Payment Processor Service for various fields using an Escrow Account.

Dhamen, Protecting Your Rights…

It is developed and designed to serve electronic platforms that required a financial mediator to guarantee and oversea the releases of goods' value or services' value prior receive of goods or services. Dhamen locks payments temporarily until all transactions between parties are completed, as per agreed terms and conditions.

Target Audience

  • Government Services
  • E-commerce Platforms
  • Financial Platforms
  • E-Auctions
  • Individuals


  • The ability to pay the intended amount using bank transfer, Mada or Sadad.
  • Financial settlement is one of the most important and complicated processes, which carried out smoothly with Dhamen.
  • Boost reliability and efficiency in financial transactions.
  • Reduce fraud risks in financial transactions between involved parties.
  • Document all sales-related financial transactions.
  • Easy way to deposit and refund the money.