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An e-platform for organizing vehicle rental operations of all types, and issuing standard rental contracts to protect all relevant parties.

Tajeer Services

  • Offers a unified portal to finalize rental operations.
  • Provides a unified e-contract containing all requirements and statutory provisions.
  • Issues contracts through licensed establishments and with regulated vehicles.
  • Ensures vehicle insurance coverage.
  • Validates technical inspection of all vehicles.
  • Integrates relevant government entities.
  • Guarantees the rights of all parties.

Target Activities

Renting personal cars: a service that enables individuals to rent their vehicles through an e-platform (app) licensed by the Transport General Authority to an electronic rental medium. The app will enable you to rent a car on hourly or daily bases, and it includes all types of vehicles.

Electronic car rental: a service that enables establishments to rent its vehicles through an e-platform (app) hourly or daily and it includes all types of vehicles. All vehicles will be available in different locations such as public parking and airports without requiring any car rental office.

Estimating the damages resulting from non-traffic accidents: Estimate the damages caused to rented vehicles and car rental offices resulting from non-traffic accidents, misuse or consumption through an accredited and neutral evaluation entities to estimate the damages caused to the rented vehicles, and determine the cost, damages, and spare parts between all parties (lessor, lessee). The service's added value lies in compensating the lack of self or random assessment of damage value, or the estimation of an unapproved entity to preserve the rights of all parties involved and avoid any related dispute.

Service Quality Measurement Points: Support in measuring the quality of services provided to beneficiaries in car rental, and develop its competitiveness to ensure a high-quality service. The Transport General Authority endeavors to develop procedures of obtaining, renewing and monitoring licenses.