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In response to the crucial need to develop a system that enables the exchange of patients' health records safely and accessibly, “Wahed Health Informatics System" comes to transform the handling of daily transactions in health facilities. A system that drives performance efficiency to new levels and speeds up routine procedures by providing basic and secondary services while employing advanced technologies (Such as user management systems, patient registration, healthcare and nursing care services)

Wahed Services

  • Unifying patients' health records.
  • Providing access to patients' health history.
  • Documenting all medical examinations and reports in the patient's record.
  • Ensuring integration with Elm's services.
  • Offering easy access by operating and hosting a cloud-based system.
  • Providing a user-friendly interface.
  • Reducing paper use, and automating daily routines to increase productivity.
  • Enabling health facilities to measure actual performance.
  • Reducing the effects of systems breakdowns in health facilities which can disturb healthcare provision.
  • Ensuring the system's agility and flexibility to fully adjust to the facility's requirements and its digital transformation readiness.
  • Complying with top-tier global medical device systems to provide real-time data for health practitioners.
  • Providing different levels of powers and authorities to follow up on procedures that preserve the patient's privacy.
  • Enabling PHCs management of health resources, such as patient registration and nursing and medical staff.
  • Enabling the addition and management of laboratories, pharmacies, and medicines of primary health care.
  • Personal Health Record (PHR) for Wahed is a portal that enables the patient to access his health data, including test results, doctors' recommendations, health history, medications, and helps to manage his appointments. Personal Health Record is designed to be integrated with different health information systems in healthcare facilities. It can be used as an additional service of Wahed Health Information System, or a standalone service if the facility has its own health information system.

Target Audience

  • Healthcare service providers


  • What divisions does Wahed system encompass?
  • Financial billing.
    Managing different resources of health facilities.
    Patient registration and identity verification.
    Important tests for all disciplines.
    Processing laboratory and pharmacy requests and record the patient's treatment plan.

  • Which services are fully-integrated with Wahed?
  • Yaqeen Service: Verify the identities of patients, whether citizens or residents.
    Efada Service: Enable all required laboratory tests to be conducted for foreign workers, then shared with relevant government entities electronically.
    Muqeem Service: Implement all residency services electronically to medical and administrative staff.

  • To which environment is Wahed system hosted?
  • Wahed is a cloud-based system, with optimal efficiency, performance, speed, ensuring protection of facilities and patient data.


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