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Cloud e-mail service that enables both the public and private sectors’ organizations; regardless of their sizes, to communicate effectively. It is a protected and secure e-mail service within or outside the organization.


Cloud e-mail service enables both the governmental and private sectors regardless of its size to exchange e-mails within or outside the organization

Service Features


The cloud servers are hosted inside the kingdom and protected by high-end protection software

Lower Cost

Help the customer reduce CAPEX that comes from purchasing hardware, software and hiring human capital


Technical support by experts via the e-mail and phone

Control and Scalabilit

Manage and control the organization through a control panel in which each organization can create, delete, upgrade, downgrade and update each mailbox in the organization

Flexibility of choices

Varity of packages based on the organization’s needs


Protection against viruses and spam e-mail

Ease of Access

Varity of access points to the service through (Outlook, OWA and smartphones applications)