Elm provides a lot of technical solutions that help to design and implement solutions .

Technical Solutions

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At Elm, we offer technical solutions that study the problem from the root and provide necessary product using state-of-the-art digital technology in a way that suits the society. We do not import solutions; but rather address customer needs using best technical solutions and national expertise to understand the problem and solve it right.

Sectors that we offer our solutions to

Hajj & Umrah
Ministry of Interior

Our solutions include...
Designing the solution mechanism and work systems, implement the solution and - or - supervise its implementation, and provide the necessary support services, like:

Administrative and technical consultations
Formulation of restructuring plans
Implementation and management
Re-engineering of procedures
Quality control
Development and training
E-portal development 
System development and operation 
Interconnection between government and non-governmental entities and processing of technical infrastructure.