Why Elm?​

Welcome to the Elm website. Through these pages we are honored to communicate and help you find the best place to showcase and maximize your personal and professional potentials. 

Elm is a leading Saudi company that provides its customers with high-quality, superior and secure e-business services that enable them to achieve their goals. Elm also supports the development of National talents and contributes to the Saudization of the Information Technology sector.  
We aim to be the first choice of customers seeking the best IT outsourcing, training and consulting solutions, which is why we focus on the recruitment and retention of only the best and most ambitious talents in order to achieve mutual success. 
Our exceptional compensation and benefits, work environment, and training and development programs make us a preferred employer over with other similar companies. Welcome to the Elm career website, we are pleased to be in touch with you…  

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A distinct working environment  

Elm has a unique working environment that takes care of its members and fosters a distinct spirit of friendship and trust through a variety of social activities that encourage team work and unity. 
Our welcoming working environment is based on transparency, the exchange of knowledge, and an open-door policy which allows all to share their opinions and express their talents and creativity in the interest of the company. 

Elm’s success in maintaining an ideal workspace is attested to by its two consecutive years of winning the "Best Working Environment in Saudi Arabia" award (2007 and 2008) as well as being named Ideal Establishment in 2010.  


Competitive advantages: 


We believe that our human resources are our most valuable capital, so we are committed to taking good care of them and investing in them. We offer our employees many advantages, including:  

  • Competitive monthly salaries
  • Annual bonuses based on performance evaluation
  • Annual bonuses from profits
  • Goodwill loans
  • Medical insurance for direct family members
  • Medical insurance for parents
  • Car insurance
  • Sports clubs memberships
  • Reward for smoking cessation
  • Hot and cold drinks and snacks
  • Laptops at half the price
  • Restaurant, hotel, and other discounts
  • Educational support

Human Resources Committee

The Human Resources Committee takes care of employees and ensures that they are happy and satisfied at work. It offers monthly and seasonal gifts and organizes monthly outings, meetings, entertainment, and training events for the families of the staff. Among the activities and initiatives undertaken by the Committee are: 
  • Annual Ceremony for employees
  • Distribution of best-selling books
  • Allowances for book fairs
  • Participation in Toast Masters Club to improve speaking skills
  • Holiday gatherings
  • Gifts to employees
  • Graduation ceremony for sons of company employees
  • Office visits for children of employees
  • Gatherings, picnics, contests, and games for employees’ families
  • Gifts for newly-married employees and newborn babies
  • Home cooking competitions
  • Ice cream and drinks carnivals
  • Bowling games
  • Auto racing
  • Paintball matches
  • Elm football team
  • Group breakfast and lunch
  • Outdoor picnics and trips to the desert
  • Annual Hajj and Umrah trips for employees and their families

Training and Development 


Elm is an industry leader in providing training for its employees both inside and outside of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Its special training management program follows up every employee and motivates skills development in areas and activities ranging from English language proficiency to specialized training courses in the world's best universities.  



Elm follows a proactive approach to find, develop and retain talents, as we realize that the current business environment is open to all possibilities and changes, making the right talent an important requirement now more than ever.  

We have a special creativity management division that has a special repository for creative ideas which encourages inventors to share their ideas and be rewarded by the company accordingly. 


We welcome inventive spirits willing to share their success and eager to achieve their aspirations in order to be part of our success stories.  


Elm invites you contact us in order to achieve your aspirations and bring your innovations to life.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​