Why Elm?

Elm has a unique working environment that takes care of its members and fosters a distinct spirit of friendship and trust through a variety of social activities that encourage team work and unity. 

Our welcoming working environment is based on transparency, the exchange of knowledge, and an open-door policy which allows all to share their opinions and express their talents and creativity in the interest of the company. 
Elm’s success in maintaining an ideal workspace is attested to by its two consecutive years of winning the "Best Working Environment in Saudi Arabia" award (2007 and 2008) as well as being named Ideal Establishment in 2010.  
At Elm, we work as a team to help create an environment that is motivating and supportive to creativity and innovation, and to strengthen employee engagement. We also offer many benefits, compensations, training and development to our employees, putting emphasis on the strategic role of our human capital in pushing the wheel of success and growth.    

Competitive advantages: 

We believe that our human resources are our most valuable capital, so we are committed to taking good care of them and investing in them. We offer our employees many advantages, including:  
Competitive monthly salaries
Annual bonuses based on performance evaluation
Annual bonuses from profits
Housing loan support
Children education support
Goodwill loans
Monthly social allowance

Health care

We are keen on taking care of Elmers’ well-being and that of their families; as such we have specifically provided additional support for health, and as a result the following was provided:
Medical insurance for direct family members.
Medical insurance for parents.
Sports clubs’ memberships to the employees and their extended families.
Health equipment purchase support.
Subscription support for diet programs.


We at Elm consider the development of human resources a pivotal part of our success, and that is why we use different development programs to enhance our employees’ capabilities through verified annual training plans that are held in reputable training institutes inside or outside of the Kingdom. Development plans can be done by different activities, such as: 
Group training
International courses
Leadership program
Executive training
Learning management system
Specialized training plans 
Higher education 
Graduates program
English language program 

We also encourage self-learning by:
Awards to those who acquire career certificates.
Children education support.
Subscription support in electronic and audio libraries, journals and periodicals.

Standard of living

We aim to deliver a high quality of life to our employees and a stable one, so we took extra measures in achieving that through:

Provide housing support to Elmers under certain regulations
Provide goodwill loans
Support in buying personal computers and smartphones


Working environment

At Elm, we seek to create a unique working environment for our employees and in order to help accomplish that we have provided these activities:
Elm annual ceremony.
Monthly employees lunch.
There are also the Human Resources Committee’s (HRC) activities; a committee that focuses on improving the working environment and making the lives of the employees easier. Some of those activities are:
Ramadhan breakfast.
Value social occasions; such as visiting a patient or giving wedding/birth gifts.
Organizing “Young Elmer”; an annual open day for the children of our employees.
“Voice of the Employee” program; the purpose of it is to listen to the suggestions and complaints of Elmers.
Celebrating both Eid Al Fitr and Eid Al Adha with our employees.
Support in buying books from the book conference.
Support with the costs of Hajj and Al Umrah.
National day celebration.
Provide offers and discounts in shops and hotels.
Organizing “Naqee” (Pure) competition to quit smoking. 
Organizing “Rasheeq” (Slim) program to lose weight.
In addition to other sports, educational and social activities, and social service programs that changes from year to year; which helps in building a tight-knit and special working environment.


Tajseer Program


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