In a World of Silence.. Our Fingers Speak

Who are They and What’s Their Story!?

They are people before anything else. Don’t suffer from mobility impairment. Don’t use a wheelchair. They are nothing like people with visual impairment who use a stick to navigate their way. They usually don't strike you as different and don't capture your immediate attention. A group of people with a vibrant culture that manifests in hands and lips movement. They are deaf people or those suffering from hearing impairment.

Like anyone of us, deaf people can learn, work, and produce. They can communicate with others if the sign language tools are provided to translate their expressions into spoken or written words. All we need to communicate and blend with them is to pay attention and translate their signs into vocabularies.

Sign Language is their Mother Tongue.

Who are they?

What’s their story?

We Can Barely Communicate with You…

With this sentence, our deaf friend open-up to us…

He illustrated: We're just like you. As much as you experience difficulty in communicating with anyone speaking a language you don't comprehend, we also have a challenge in communicating with you. Is this a disability?

Soldiers in wars, and divers in the depths of water, have their own sign language to communicate and understand each other in such delicate situations. Are they disabled?

We are not people with disabilities if all the tools we need to communicate is within reach. We have a language that enables us to communicate and understand each other very clearly.

Our challenge is mainly communicative. Because we can't speak, it remains a hurdle for us to adapt and communicate with listeners. So listeners must adapt to our form of expression!

You don't have to learn sign language like you do with English or French, or seek an interpreter to crackdown communication barriers. But, what really upsets every one of us is having to live with an implicit stereotype that categorizes us as disabled!

What is the Challenge?

Out of the root of this problem, our studies began to devise a real solution that makes the lives of deaf people easier. When we dig deep to fathom this group's journey, we encountered several issues, the most important of which are:

First Sign language is not about moving your fingers:

Rather, it is a visual-based language, expressed in descriptive signs by hands, body, fingers, lips, hints, etc. It is not just a literal translation.

Second Sign language doesn't possess a single dialect:

Like other languages, it is possible to generate and modify sign language. It has an array of dialects that vary from one region to another and from one country to another.

Third Writing doesn't solve the problem:

Because it is a secondary language for them, and many are not equipped to effectively communicate in writing due to ineffective educational programs.

Fourth Apps and websites are the answer:

It can't be relied upon socially, in addition to sensitive and legal related issues.

What is Eshara?

A digital platform that supports visual communication between deaf clients and a call center for remote sign interpretation. A human interpreter (from both genders) will translate as a third party via the digital platform, by translating the sign language into spoken Arabic and vice versa. The interpreter serves as a mediator between Eshara employees and our clients from deaf people and those suffering from hearing impairment.

At Eshara, we endeavor to support deaf people and make their daily routines more accessible than ever. Whether in the government or private sectors, in the business world or in daily life, Eshara services enable these sectors to achieve a comprehensive and all-encompassing service to deaf clients.

Eshara is Your Perfect Solution…

Because we provide a certified human interpreter in sign language with local and Arabic dialects. The interpreter serves as a mediator for deaf people without undermining their privacy (a third party) and eliminates any ambiguity in the conversation, so the information reaches all parties correctly and clearly. All services can be rated and reviewed by our clients to ensure the highest quality.

The main concept behind Eshara service is to link its users to certified interpreters via high-quality video calls at the service operators.

To provide this, we at "Elm" have developed a digital platform that can operate under a signal app whither in Android or iOS devices.