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​​​​​​Strong and transparent relationship

Elm seeks to build close and strong business relationships with its vendors who have different specialties. These relationships must be built on a fixed set of values, most importantly: trust, credibility, integrity and common interest. Elm aims at benefiting from its vendors and benefiting them by helping them in developing their businesses and improving their standards in order to create a better community for them, where transparency, justice and the spirit of fair competition prevails.

Tender Offers

In order to participate in competitions offered by Elm, you are kindly requested to register as a qualified supplier since it is a prerequisite before receiving any requests for proposals or quotation.

  1. Vendor Registration

  2. Elm conducts business with registered vendors only. This means that each vendor has to successfully complete a registration process and provide the required documents to be qualified as a vendor. To register and review requirements, please   click here

  3. to manage vendor account click here

  4. for vendor support  click here

   Vendors' registration steps

  • There are two phases for vendors’ registration:

  • First phase known as the initial stage of registration, where Elm can analyze the vendor’s basic information and ensure that they are correct. Once the vendor approved initially, the vendor will be considered as a potential supplier and will be able to receive and participate in RFPs/RFQs only and will be not awarded any POs until completing the second phase.

  • The second phase related to pre-qualification, where vendor has to complete and submit the required information, documents and response to a technical questionnaire. This practice will help Elm to categorize, classify and evaluate the vendors financial and technical capabilities. Once the vendor is approved in this stage, the vendor will be considered as a qualified supplier and will be able to receive POs and signing agreements with Elm.

Basic Terms Conditions

Elm emphasizes on the importance of Non Disclosure Commitment.

All vendors are kindly requested to comply to this agreement.

View Communication Rules with Elm’s departments Communication Rules with ELM’s Departments.

View Supplier Registration \Pre-qualification Terms Conditions Clarifications.

View Basic Terms for Supply and project completion handover.

ViewPayment Invoicing Instructions. 

Vendors are kindly requested to understand Elm’s Code of conductand ensure complying to its terms.

Vendor Services

To find out more about tenders, competitions, procedures, registration terms and conditions, procurement, or if you have any problem regarding registration or procurement, please contact the concerned department through the following link:

Contact us as a vendor

End user manual for suppliers