Dear Vendor,

As per the instructions of Local Content & Government Procurement Authority and to achieve Elm's goal in increasing the score of Local Content, please provide us with the LC Score of your organization (approved Certificate by LCGPA).

By providing your LC Score, it may help in increasing the opportunities of participation in tenders and may have higher chance of winning the bid.

We Appreciate Your Understanding and Cooperation..

Dear Vendor,

We would like to point out that correctly writing the New Official Name of "Elm Company" in your invoices submitted to us is a condition for its acceptance and approval, in order to comply/conform to the requirements of the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority and to avoid conflicting with the tax invoice requirements that recently published.


Elm seeks to build close and strong business relationships with its vendors who have different specialties. These relationships must be built on a fixed set of values, most importantly, trust, credibility, integrity and common interest.

Elm aims at benefiting from its vendors and benefiting them by helping them in developing their businesses and improving their standards in order to create a better community for them, where transparency, justice and the spirit of fair competition prevails.

Vendors Registration

Elm conducts business with registered vendors only. This means that each vendor has to successfully complete a registration process and provide the required documents to be qualified as a vendor.

  • Supplier Registration
  • Supplier Qualification
  • Participate in Tenders/RFP
  • PO Awarding
  • Confirm Delivery
  • Invoicing

Supplier Onboarding


Payment Process

Vendors Services

For Vendors Support and Inquiries

Contact us as a vendor