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​​​​​​​Be a partner in our success

Elm provides business opportunities for emerging and medium-sized national organizations and young people, through the success partners program, which is specialized in the recruitment of sales agents, business development and customer support for a range of Elm products, services and solutions. Elm offers full support to its partners through multiple training programs, motivation and marketing. The success partners program aims at delivering Elm products, services and solutions to a wider base of customers and to provide job and profit opportunities for partners in the IT field through assigning sales, business development and customer support tasks to them.

Who is the partner of success?

Elm partner of success can be any national organization or company that is officially authorized to sell Elm products, services and solutions and use its brand and marketing resources, in accordance to specified rules and conditions. The partner will share profit with Elm according to the partnership agreement signed by the two parties.

What is required from the success partner?

The partner of success shall be able to reach different customer segments in the market to offer and sell Elm products, services and solutions, in exchange of considerable fees. Each partner shall receive Elm marketing support to help increase the sales and profits.           

​Great opportunities for success!

These days, all businesses are undergoing digital transformation. The government and private sectors and even individuals have become effective members in an integrated digital environment. This means that the digital business opportunities that can be reached by Elm products, services and solutions are unlimited. This makes partnership with Elm a distinctive and strategic option.

One team!

Elm considers its partners an extension of its human resources, an integrated part of Elm team, it considers partners’ success as its own success. Therefore, Elm provides comprehensive training programs as well as rewards and incentives to promote the concept of one team, one company.​ ​

Share the success with us

Sales Partners

OSUS Phone: 920001102
Enteshaar Aljawdah Company​ Phone: 011 4170484
Business Networking, Operation & Development Company (BNOOD) Phone: 920002901
Taqneen For electronic Solutions
Phone: 920023235
Shabakah ​Integrated Technology
​Phone: 011 5204838 Extension: 346
Al-Taknia for Telecommunications Phone: 011 2103026 Extension:106,107                        
Tech Sup Marketing Company
Phone: 920001324
ZADIP GROUP LTD Phone: 920010047
Sara For Business Solutions Phone: 011 2886610 Extension:300
Alnafitha International Information Technology Phone: 8002460008
Nesma Advanced Technology
Phone: 920019300 
​Logistics Technology Services (LTS)
​Phone: 920011227
​Sarah for communication and information technology company
​Phone: 920008821

Development Partners

Imagine Phone: 011 2154646 Extension:333
Al Rajhi Soft Phone: 920010204
Hitech Phone: 011 4910527 Extension:115
Phone: 011 22834079
​Softic International
​Phone: +202 25162244
Afaqi Technology
​Phone: 011 2175666 
​Agility World for Information Technology (Dynamic)
​Phone: 920002614 
​​Saudi Executive Company
​Phone: 920002780
​​Sure International Technology
Phone: 011 2050043