Human Capital..
Investing in Assets and the Essence of Every Company

The beginning of the story

At Elm, we offer our clients integrated professional solutions and partake in their endeavor to realize their objectives and aspirations. As our projects reach new heights, our belief that the human element is the heart of our success, Emdad Alkhebrat came as the backbone of Elm in employment to provide highly qualified human cadres for its projects.

In this context, Emdad Alkhebrat took shape. It is established in 2014 as a subsidiary of Elm, it is administratively independent to ensure the success of its objectives professionally in employment-related projects.

Emdad Alkhebrat succeeded in covering Elm's demands for professional job competencies of its mega projects throughout the Kingdom, that are related to airports, civil centers, traffic, and other projects.

Emdad Alkhebrat maintained its expansion plans to cover all employment functional requirements and became fully-equipped to operate in Saudi Arabia's market.

1Designing the Company's Organizational Structure according to its Business Model

Here, we examine our customers' needs by preparing the necessary plans and designing performance and effectiveness indicators, on which we base the recruitment of their staff and manage their performance.

2Professional Needs Analysis

We push through limits to deliver our clients' objectives in line with the proposed budget, the organizational structure, and the productivity set to be achieved.

3Designing the Salary Scale and Job Positions

Attracting talents and maintaining their job loyalty stems starts from their clear understanding of their future in the company. Thus, we design payroll and job grades according to a well-rounded methodology and a comprehensive comparison with competing companies.

4Designing Job Titles

After concluding the previous steps, we propose every job requirement and description while selecting the optimal job title, according to the job data, and locally and globally-recognized practices.

5Recruiting, Talents Acquiring, and Job Interview Management

The quality of selecting the appropriate competencies in record time with features that satisfy the demands of our clients and their projects is something we guarantee within our integrated employment services.

We adhere to a professional methodology that begins by announcing the job vacancy on our internal and external channels, and then collecting, classifying, and analyzing job applications based on pre-specified criteria to prepare a list of final interviews.

Job interviews begin officially by committees of qualified personnel with the support of the company's employment department to ensure fairness and collaboration in decision-making.

6Onboarding New Employees

Attention to details sparks a feeling of comfort and easy engagement for employees during their first days. We provide initial qualification programs for the staff and introduce them to the workflow, regulations, policies, and procedures adopted in the work environment to ensure a smooth beginning for new joiners.

We have also installed a comprehensive plan for welcoming new joiners and preparing their documents, starting with a welcome package and closing with the signing of their official contract.

7Providing HR Services Throughout the Project

Here where we excel. We take the satisfaction of our clients very seriously by providing staff-related HR services that are well monitored to ensure the highest levels of effectiveness, such as:

Hiring staff and completing all relevant procedures or registration process in government entities and the likes.

Handling monthly salaries on the Gregorian date as per Emdad Alkhebrat approved policy.

Delivering a salary statement letter addressed to relevant authorities, embassies, banks, and others.

o Providing basic services to staff, which include (GOSI registration, medical insurance, end of service compensation, vacation settlement, annual travel tickets for non-Saudis), and additional benefits (gym subscriptions, car insurance, etc.).

o Nominating an IT company that enables the staff to conclude HR services from their workplace without visiting Emdad Alkhebrat, by employing the "SAP-ERP" system to provide, follow-up, and conclude all HR procedures and services.

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