Elm ensures that it selects and retains the best team possible. We carefully screen creative and promising talents capable of coming up with unique ideas.

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​​​Elm is a Saudi company run by a team of young and eager Saudis who strive to innovate and serve various sectors operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, by providing a number of services and solutions including: electronic services and products, training and consultation solutions, IT solutions, as well as, government outsourcing services at highest quality to meet customers expectations while contributing to national expertise building and IT localization.​

An international company offering integrated digital solutions (ready-made and customized) with diverse business models and fields.
Our ready-made solutions are the products that serve a substantial segment of customers. We also offer subscriptions in a variety of packages
Our customized solutions are the projects we offer to our clients according to their needs, to help them achieve their full potential.
There is one phrase that describes our ambition to reach beyond the limits of the possible, it is..
The passion to innovation

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