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    Elm diwan (Forth gathering)Riyadh21 January 2020
    Elm products accelerator campRiyadh04 February 2020
    Traffic exhibition in traffic safety conferenceDammam09 February 2020
    Elm annual ceremony 2020Riyadh12 February 2020
    Absher sixth gatheringRiyadh18 February 2020
    Prince Sultan annual graduation gatheringRiyadh22 February 2020
    Iktifa'a conference and exhibitionDammam24 February 2020
    the seventh national conference for qualityJeddah25 February 2020
    Ejadah exhibition in local investment gatheringRiyadh25 February 2020
    Elm diwan (Fifth gathering)Riyadh25 February 2020
    The launch of Najez centerRiyadh02 March 2020
    The second international engineering conference and exhibitionRiyadh02 March 2020
    The launch of Tajeer portalRiyadh08 March 2020
    The World Remotely – Experiences and Toolswebinar23 March 2020
    Startups’ Chances and Challengeswebinar24 March 2020
    Remote Working Experiencewebinar25 March 2020
    Converting Ideas into Productswebinar31 March 2020
    Remote Innovation and Creativitywebinar01 April 2020
    How to Digitally Market Your Startupwebinar06 April 2020
    Labor Law Issues under the Conditions of Corona Pandemicwebinar07 April 2020
    Increasing the Effectiveness of Teleworkingwebinar08 April 2020
    The State of Venture Investment in the Corona Crisiswebinar13 April 2020
    Market Research in Crisiswebinar15 April 2020
    Reading Market and Technology Trendswebinar22 April 2020
    Turning Ideas into Assets: Intellectual property for Startups and Entrepreneurswebinar28 April 2020
    7 Main Challenges Ahead for Entrepreneurswebinar06 May 2020
    Marketing Research Role in AI Domainwebinar18 May 2020
    When Do Startups Get to Investwebinar20 May 2020