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CITC Signs Partnership Agreement with Elm to Advance Spectrum Management Systems


His Excellency Dr. Abdulaziz Bin Salem Al-Ruwais, Governor of CITC, signed a framework partnership agreement between CITC and Elm, a pioneering digital solutions company in a quest to advance the electronic spectrum management systems. A forward-looking step to localize the technologies and systems of spectrum management in Saudi Arabia by allocating and licensing frequency utilization, electromagnetic compatibility processes, simulation of radio systems, implementation of the national spectrum plan, spectrum monitoring, and international frequency coordination processes.
In line, His Excellency stressed that such an agreement resonates with CITC's daring endeavor to boost the efficiency of the spectrum management systems and services, maintain a high and stable level of business and services provided, and increase the security of National Frequency Register data.
Dr. Al-Ruwais indicated that the agreement encompasses establishing an advanced national digital platform for spectrum management. A huge leap forward in effectuating integration and alignment with spectrum monitoring stations throughout the Kingdom, helping in big data collection and analysis by linking procedures with relevant authorities, and regularly updating the National Frequency Register.
On the other hand, Dr. Abdulrahman bin Saad Al-Jda'i, Elm's CEO, pointed up to the pivotal role such agreement play in developing spectrum systems in conformity with the latest digital trends. Elm's indubitable success is testified by its well-rounded expertise in providing reliable services in linking between government agencies and the private sector and in digital outsourcing services. Elm is keen to support the government sector in developing its operations by digitizing data and building digital platforms. As improving data analysis remains key to boosting efficiency and providing cutting-edge technologies and services to Elm's customers. Such measures encompass a vital aim of delivering integrated digital systems that can effectuate our digital transformation in line with Vision 2030. 

Spectrum management is a set of technical and administrative procedures necessary to ensure the precise and efficient functioning of various wireless services and blocking any destructive interference. Considering that geographical boundaries do not bound radio frequencies, spectrum management activities are global and are carried out as per ITU Radio Regulations; a UN agency specializes in communications worldwide.