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NWC and Elm Conclude an Agreement for a New E-Platform to Ensure a Better Access to Services


National Water Company (NWC) has signed a partnership agreement with Elm, a pioneering digital solutions company, to enhance business efficiency, improve its processes, and provide technical solutions. The signing ceremony took place at Elm's headquarters in Riyadh.

The agreement encompasses improving the services provided to customers, develop the beneficiaries' experience, and ensure the sustainability of network development. It represents a further step towards improving operational performance, as well as tracking, decision-making, and ensuring integration with other sectors. Such progress enables the improvement of the quality of beneficiaries’ data, enhance all services provided, and develop the services provided to customers that are not linked to the same network. Moreover, it aspires to advance the level of environmental compliance and monitoring of system violators, as well as to strengthen the link between operating conditions, tanks, and customer complaints, thereby expanding the capacity to monitor water and sewerage tanks. Such progress is effectuated by developing and automating specific processes and services, activating specifications, and providing security and safety, ensuring a direct connection of the customer's meters. 

The agreement involved achieving cooperation in requesting water and sewage tanks and tracking them through an e-platform, as well as designing a well-equipped e-market environment and linking it with integration platforms. Other areas of collaboration include issuing tanks permits, verifying the eligibility of watering service beneficiaries, linking them through smart meters directly to the customer, and conducting field inspection and monitoring violations. 

Eng. Mohammed bin Ahmed Al-Mokli, CEO of NWC, stated that the agreement epitomizes a strive to improve the services provided to customers by automating and integrating all procedures and services. Furthermore, monitoring standards are set to advance operational efficiency within the stages of digital transformation that endeavors to develop the infrastructure of services in all regions of the Kingdom.

"We are thrilled to witness the conclusion of such agreements that will have a vital impact on improving the customer's journey," Al-Mokli added.

For his part, CEO of "Elm" Dr. Abdulrahman bin Saad Al-Jadhay confirmed that the agreement with NWC will extend for several years. He asserted that such a partnership is one of the most pivotal agreements that have been signed recently with major and vital companies in Saudi Arabia. Al-Jadhay emphasized that the company's main focus lies in developing innovative solutions and integrated services to enable selected public and private sectors to keep pace with the digital transformation.

He stressed that Elm is continuously seeking to develop its digital competitive advantages by diversifying its users across multiple channels, moving forward in adopting a customer-centric service and innovating new ideas to enhance the competitiveness and efficiency of local and regional customers.