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The Ministry of Justice has sighned a partnership and cooperation agreement with Elm company


The Ministry of Justice has signed an agreement with Elm, the leading provider of digital solutions, at the headquarters of the Judicial Services Center (Najiz),

where the representative who signed the agreement from the Ministry of Justice was His Excellency the Undersecretary of the Ministry for Planning and Development, Eng. Waleed bin Saud Al-Rashoud, and the representative from Elm was His Excellency the CEO of Elm, Dr. Abdulrahman Saad Al-Jadhaei.

This agreement comes to establish and operate the center of Njaiz in pursuit of the realizing Saudi Vision 2030 objectives, as it enhances the partnership between the public and private sectors in providing services with a high level of professionalism and quality in various fields of justice. The service will be fully opened in the beginning of the next year.

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The agreement included the use of modern technical means to provide a package of comprehensive judicial services in the documentation, implementation, and judicial services for beneficiaries, and to benefit from the distinguished competences and available capabilities; employing them to realize Saudi Vision 2030 objectives and digital transformation, aiming at achieving common interests and desired goals. 

The two parties also affirmed that this agreement is considered as a key agreement as it aims at enhancing the level of services provided to citizens and residents.

The signing of this agreement complements the series of distinguished achievements of Ministry of Justice and its commitment to the strategy of integration in services and development. It also reflects the Elm strategy that harnesses its efforts to achieve leadership in the field of service development, improvement of procedures and development of innovative solutions and integrated services in partnership with the public sector to enable it to keep pace with the transformation process in light of Saudi 2030 vision.