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MEWA Signs an Agreement with Elm to Develop and Operate E-services


Yesterday, the Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture signed an agreement to develop and operate several services with Elm, a leading digital solutions company. The agreement term will cover a period of ten years.

During the ceremony, which took place at the Ministry's headquarters, the agreement was signed by His Excellency the Deputy Minister of MEWA, Engineer Mansour bin Hilal Al-Mushaiti, along with Elm's CEO, Dr. Abdulrahman Aljadhai. The agreement epitomizes the two parties' commitment to intensify collaboration in developing and operating services for their beneficiaries.  Elm remains a pioneering company in developing secure e-services for the public and private sectors and linking them between government entities and businesses.

Elm's spokesperson, VP of Marketing, Majid bin Saad Al-Arifi, emphasized that this agreement mandates "Elm" to develop and operate services electronically and provide access to the Ministry's qualified leak detection service providers. The services include developing and supporting an app by Elm, in addition to storing and maintaining all data and information while providing technical support and a call center to its customers. MEWA will have access to the app and can monitor the quality, evaluate service providers based on their performance, and link the app to the first party's systems and the National Water Company.

Elm has joined-efforts with a number of government entities to effectuate a prosperous and sustainable economy. Their projects are pivoted towards unlocking economic growth by employing breakthrough technologies for a sustainable economy in the long term. Elm leverages data to bridge gaps, reduce redundancies by automating, and linking processes to provide an integrated data-based platform. This business model will form effective strategic decisions and solutions, as it centres on cooperation with its partners by automating processes under one umbrella.

It goes without saying that "Elm" possesses a unique experience and expertise in automating agricultural services, mainly through the establishment of an agricultural information centre to gather reliable, high-quality data on the agricultural sector, update it continuously and offer it to relevant stakeholders in a way that contributes to the advancement of the sector. Elm strives to support strategic planning and follow-up, studies, recognizing opportunities, and balancing supply and demand to reduce waste and cultivate a sustainable balance between food and water security. A strategy that would contribute to reaching the optimal use of all available agricultural resources.