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SCHS Partners with Elm to Digitize Vocational Development


In its aim to digitize vocational development and provide training services for administrators’ safety in health facilities, the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties has signed a partnership agreement with Elm, the pioneering digital solutions provider. The agreement was signed by the Secretary-General, Dr. Ayman bin Asaad Abdu, from SCHS, and Dr. Abdulrahman bin Saad aljadhi, from Elm Company. 

Dr. Ayman Abdu stressed that SCHS sees this agreement as a breakthrough in digitizing vocational development through a unified communication center that builds a solid ground for its unbound success. Such move equips SCHS with all needed means to monitor the attendance of practitioners for approved activities by Vocational Development, track their performance, develop performance indicators that enable a robust performance platform. Automating the display of data and analysis results is vital in effectuating development plans, in addition to conducting studies and consultations to explore additional services in the areas of vocational development by reviewing benchmarking global best practices.

Dr. Ayman testified to the enormous capabilities and expertise of Elm by stressing on its proven success in implementing training programs for administrators’ safety in the health facilities according to the highest possible quality standards.

Mr. Majid bin Saad Alarifi, Spokesman and VP of Marketing at Elm, expressed his genuine thrill to see this partnership comes into effect. He brought to fore that such collaboration resonates with long-term plans to join-forces with SCHS on a number of projects that blaze a path for steadfast development. Emphasizing that bringing this e-platform to light comes with an aim to provide technical support, manage the change necessary for vocational development services, offer solutions to control the monitoring of practitioners' attendance data for activities approved by Vocational Development, as well as providing dashboards based on advanced analysis models, which aims to effectuate all development plans. He pointed out that Elm is eager to push through limits and deliver the most leading quality solutions to the health community and its beneficiaries through its digital health system. Elm has a rich history of success in advancing its various solutions in digital health systems to a level that encompasses high-quality standards and global best practices according to the concept of omni-channel platforms to attain customer satisfaction.

Elm is of high standing when it comes to the development of human resources in various fields, and has proven successful partnerships with many public and private entities. Such success epitomizes its capacity to achieve results that exceed its customers' expectations, as training packages are provided in partnership with major educational institutions and international academic, and is delivered by qualified experts in uncovering hidden strengths and capabilities. In addition to providing a wide array of training programs and solutions covering a broad range of areas, including self-development programs and specialized vocational development programs, from identifying institution’s needs, designing and developing training programs and implementation, and finally measuring performance and track ongoing development in partnership with international institutions and distinguished international experts. Elm's successful path in developing capabilities refers to its keenness in measuring outputs to ensure delivering desired success and effective impact in work environments, where the human element remains at the heart of any progress.