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Madinah Municipality Launches Ejadah


His Excellency the Mayor of Madinah Region, Eng. Fahad bin Mohammed Al-blaihsh has launched, in a joint video call, Ejadah initiative. The event was joined by Dr. Abdulrahman Aljadhai, Elm's CEO. Ejadah endeavors to privatize municipal inspections of establishments that are under the mandates of the municipality. In addition to overseeing and managing human capabilities, providing all operational equipment, technology solutions, and others.

Madinah Municipality's spokesman, Salamah Bin Salman Allahibi, emphasized that the municipality is endeavoring to provide the best possible services to the city's residents and visitors. Stating that the development of inspection operations in partnership with Elm is a substantial leap forward in effectuating the privatization strategy stipulated in Vision 2030. Elm's rich and successful experience in launching Ejadah comes as a testimony to its success. Ejadah remains a driver of PPP in municipal inspection services, placing public interest as its first priority.

Allahibi stressed that Ejadah's is a vital and critical addition in preserving consumers' health and helping business owners boost their services' quality and raise compliance levels. He elaborated that Ejadah is a reliable and essential source for all consumers to obtain the highest quality in the market. Adding that a task force has been assigned by the municipality to ensure impartiality and transparency in reviewing registered violations. Such an approach ensures a high and stable level of control and inspection performance and boosts the level beneficiaries' satisfaction by improving performance in the services provided to citizens. Ejadah will contribute to developing inspection tools and technologies that will include daily reports for decision-makers, enhancing, and strengthening community confidence in municipal services.
On the other hand, Mr. Majid bin Saad Alarifi, the spokesperson and Vice President of Marketing at Elm, affirmed that the introduction of Ejadah will soon enter into force. The platform aims to improve the compliance rate of private establishments under the municipality's mandates, develop its procedures, and raise performance efficiency. Besides, we remain committed to re-engineering procedures to improve performance, reduce costs, and eliminate the municipality's operational burden while ensuring customer satisfaction. The new development should grow the community's confidence in inspections services, provide training opportunities to employees, ensure continuous improvement, enhance efficiency, and measure customer satisfaction.

 Alarifi stated further that this step would uncover a more dependable service and ensure better effectiveness in inspection activities. It will contribute to improving the quality of people's lives, and raise the level of compliance, which will play a vital role in boosting service quality.

In brief, Ejadah is a national initiative that aims to raise the level of compliance of establishments and shop owners with approved provisions and requirements to improve the services provided and involve community members in raising the quality of life. The platform will push through limits to develop and enhance inspection procedures while adhering to the best professional standards and advanced technologies. In addition, all efforts will be exerted to build inspectors' skills and ensure applying international best practices to raise the levels of compliance and maintain the health and satisfaction of our community members by assuring high-quality services.