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Heritage Commission and Elm Sign a Memorandum of Understanding


The Heritage Commission has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Elm Company, to cooperate in the protection of cultural heritage sites in the Kingdom through the use of digital systems and technical programs, along with the smart operation of the sites and enhancement of the visitor experience.

The agreement was signed at the commission’s headquarters in King Abdulaziz Historical Center, Riyadh, by the commission’s CEO Jasir Alherbish, and Abdulrahman Aljadhai, the CEO of Elm.

The agreement includes consultative research plans to determine the current status of the protection of antiquities and urban heritage at archaeological and heritage sites in the Kingdom, along with awareness in communities of the importance of preserving the nation’s heritage. In addition, there will be a study of the global methods of managing and operating cultural heritage sites in ways that enhance the experience for visitors by ensuring that they receive the best possible services.

The memorandum goes in line with the Heritage Commission’s goals to protect, manage and sustain the cultural heritage sites and resources in Saudi Arabia, and to encourage the development and production of cultural heritage content through partnerships with government and private sector entities. Moreover, such cooperation aims to promote capabilities to best serve the Kingdom’s national heritage, enhance the experiences of those interested in exploring it, and promote the nation’s historical and civilizational heritage locally and internationally.

It is worth mentioning that Elm is a leading company that has remarkable connections with the government and private sectors in the Kingdom through providing innovative services and solutions to achieve customers' satisfaction. Also, Elm contributes to building national expertise and localizing information technology, which aligns with the Kingdom's vision 2030.