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A national alliance launches a distinct entity for cloud computing services


Elm and STC announced an alliance under the auspices of the National Information Center as a strategic alliance to provide cloud computing services to subscribers from government entities, business sector agencies and even individuals.
This strategic alliance, which was called the Saudi Company for Cloud Computing, aims at developing and operating the infrastructure of cloud computing, as a pillar that emphasizes the perfect harmony between the government and private sectors to achieve the objectives of the National Transformation Plan 2020 and the vision of the Kingdom 2030 adopted by the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques. This alliance enables providing national solutions based on the best quality practices, to provide new smart services and big data applications for subscribers from various government and private sectors, and even individuals, to enable knowledge-based economy and information society.
The launch of this alliance was attended by each of Dr. Tariq bin Abdullah AlSheddi, the Director General of the National Information Center at the Ministry of the Interior, Dr. Abdul Rahman bin Saad Aljadhi Elm CEO, and Dr. Khalid Bin Hussein Al-Bayari, the CEO of Saudi Telecom Group. Moreover, this ceremony was attended by Dr. Abdulrahman bin Sulaiman El-Arini, the general manager of the e-government program "Yasser", and each of Eng. Bassam Bin Mohammed AlWarith, and Eng. Bilal bin Mohammed Hussein, the consultants of the Minister of Economy and Planning.
AlSheddi expressed his happiness to launch this alliance, which reflects the vision of the Center in investing in the national expertise and competencies and supporting the technical integration between the sectors of the country, adding, "Today, we are witnessing the start of a road map that draws the features of a promising technical future, and a new generation of cloud computing services, provided by the Saudi Company for cloud computing, which will bear the responsibility to achieve the highest level of digital security through the adoption, improvement, and monitoring of the best protection and risks systems in various cloud computing infrastructure parts, in addition to the privacy of hosted subscribers data and ensuring the application of the highest standards to achieve this based on the expertise possessed by the strategic alliance. He also expressed his pride of this partnership between Elm and STC, which represent a national model for the concept of strategic partnership.
On the other hand Dr. Abdulrahman Aljadhi expressed the pride of Elm for existing within this strategic alliance, which was established strongly to reflect the role that the private sector can play in supporting the Kingdom Vision 2030, adding that "Elm" has strong and distinctive relations with various government sectors, which increases projects opportunities which can be assigned to the Saudi Company for Cloud Computing, asserting that the big investment opportunities in the infrastructure cloud computing services sector within these major projects carried out by "Elm."
Dr. Khalid Bin Hussein Al-Bayari expressed his thanks and appreciation for the selection of STC to be within the most important alliance in the Middle East to offer cloud computing services, which emphasize the long existing expertise in account management and subscriber experience, especially government and business organizations, stressing that the new entity will benefit from such experience by offering various cloud services bouquets and updating and developing the cloud services infrastructure.