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“Elm” Holds its Annual Ceremony Remotely, and the CEO Thanks Employees for 2020 Big Achievements


Elm Company, the pioneer provider of digital solutions, held its annual ceremony yesterday through a virtual platform, in alignment with Covid-19 precautionary and preventive measures, for remarking and highlighting employees’ great efforts and successes at the level of projects and services during the last year.

CEO of Elm Dr. Abdulrahman AlJadhai, extended his gratitude and appreciation for Elmers for going above and beyond expectations by their hard work during the exceptional circumstances, and for their families’ for being helpful during remote working period. Although we went through unusual conditions, Elmers have proven their ability and efficiency in achieving the company’s strategic objectives.

Dr. Abdulrahman AlJadhai called to take another challenges, as it is the secret behind our successes during the last years. He stated that 2020 achievements exceeded 2019 ones, despite of all the failures that many companies have been though. It was a big chance for Elm to turn all these challenges into opportunities and contribute to many initiatives as part of its patriotic role and social responsibility.

Elmers who have completed 5, 10 and 15 years were honored during the ceremony, with entertaining activities and rewards for Elmers and their families, like “Little Elmers” Competitions that were for employees’ kids. Attendants have enjoyed a new entertaining digital experience and they have expressed their gratitude for renewing and reorganizing this meeting every year at the same level of professionalism.

It is worth mentioning that Elm contributes to accelerate economic growth by developing techniques that can achieve a sustainable economy and unfold job opportunities for current and next generations. Elm provides its digital solutions through a concept of omni-channel platforms with high standards that meet customers’ expectations. Moreover, it contributes to create national expertise and localize IT in a quest for establishing a knowledge-based society that can well adapt to a fast-evolving digital age.