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Elm Donates SR 5 Million to Charity National Kingdom-wide Campaign “Ehsan”


Elm, a pioneering company of digital solutions, has announced its donation of SR 5 Million to the Charity National Campaign launched by “Ehsan” platform, as part of its contributions to social development, patriotic responsibility and humanitarian and charitable works.

Elm’s spokesperson, the VP of Marketing, Majid bin Saad Alarifi, expressed his happiness of contributing to this blessed campaign during the month of Ramadan. He also extended his sincere thanks to the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) for its great technical initiatives that help enhance the quality of life.

He said, “Ehsan Platform” is one of digital transformation success stories in the Kingdom. It became the glorious transformation of charitable giving by enabling non-profitable sector to fulfill its responsibilities to its best, and promoting social responsibility of individuals and private sector. It upgraded the humanitarian and development work in the Kingdom to a high level of trust and transparency.

He added that Elm’s efforts towards social responsibility are in line with 2030 vision and sustainable development objectives of society. He pointed out that charity is one of social responsibility initiatives of Elm, which aims to make a positive impact by supporting Saudi social campaigns and contributing to promote the values of charitable work among community members, in a way that achieve the public interest and the development organization targets.

Alarifi stated that, in this direction, Elm always relies on the partnership with the public sector to raise the chance of benefiting from these initiatives and increase the level of trust and transparency for real beneficiaries. Such initiatives are Makkah Initiative, Goodness of Medina, Nahralataa, Bounties of Riyadh and many initiatives that have been created based on professionalism and agility standards within a record time.

It is noteworthy that supporting technical initiatives and localizing technology is one of Elm’s permanent objectives as Elm works continuously on promoting its businesses and sharing its innovations with the markets. It also seeks to create solutions that meet customers’ needs through omni-channel platforms for various transactions.