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Elm Pioneers Competition Concludes With Three Promising Projects


​​​Elm has recently concluded the events of Elm pioneers competition which aims to boost innovation and entrepreneurial culture in the company. The competition encourages Elm male and female employees to innovate new products, it lasted for a week and it included ideas presentations, team formations, workshops and projects implementation.
The competitors presented their projects which focused on the fields of tourism, health, transportation, and Hajj and Umrah to a local investment committee that evaluated the projects.

"Rehlati" got first place winning a prize of SR30,000, the project is a platform that moves school trips to a higher level simulating tour packages to support tourism industry and create a young generation who knows more about the national monuments. The co-team consisted of Ali AlHumayani (Idea owner), Abdullah AlQaood, Osama Bakri and Mohammed AlShathri.
"Barha" Project is another promising project that won the second place with a prize of SR25,000. It targets trucks and heavy equipment rentals. The estimated investment in this market at the kingdom is at SR50 billion, with expected revenue from equipment leasing exceeding one billion riyals annually. The co-team consisted of Motaz Daood (Idea Owner), Ahmed AlKhulaifi and Mohammed AlGhazwani.
The third winner is "Khat AlBaldeh" Project winning a prize of SR20,000. The project is a supportive transportation platform design which provides periodic analysis of vehicles movement on roads, in addition to demographic data for the city. The co-team who created this idea consists of Talal Al-Maliki, Sultan Al-Thiab, Mohammed Al-Hamdan and Hani Al-Ghamdi.
It is worth mentioning that many followers demonstrated their support to the competition through social media and requested Elm Pioneers initiative to be implemented at all private sector companies to promote the culture of innovation and creativity among employees. The followers also praised Elm for promoting such competitions.
In a press release on this occasion, Eng. Tarek bin Abdulaziz Al-Ghoneim, Elm innovation and business development manager stated that Elm pioneers competition has a strategic dimension in promoting innovation culture among employees and enriching the labor market with innovative idea and qualified pioneers, stressing that this initiative is a strong supporter of e-business which is expected to provide thousands of job opportunities in the coming years.
Eng. AlGhoneim added that Elm encourages and supports national talents who are capable of innovation and it seeks to be a source of national inspiration for the e-business sector and a solid ground for IT localization projects through its programs. Such programs are among the company strategic goals and one of the company KPIs.
It is worth mentioning that Elm is one of leading companies that pay great attention to the development and qualification of its human capital through innovative competitions and meetings and through training courses to keep employees updated with latest technologies.