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Elm celebrates its annual ceremony and emphasizes the interest in enhancing its idealistic environment


The CEO of Elm, the leading national company in digital solutions, Dr. Abdulrahman AlJadhai, confirmed the company's readiness to expand in the international market and to transfer its expertise the way that helps communities improve their services and saves time, effort and money by relying on the concept of digitizing information. During the annual ceremony of Elm, which was held at Al Khozama Hall in Riyadh, with the participation of all members of the company. He added that ‘’ the national forearms are the company's most important capital since Elm believes that the real wealth lies in the innovative minds, thanking the employees for their efforts in achieving results beyond the planned goals of last year’’.
The ceremony included some parts, including the presentation of the results of the company last year 2017, informing employees of the future objectives, and also presenting a number of new benefits for employees and programs to promote loyalty, as well as programs that will contribute in strengthening the social ties between the members of Elm's family. At the end of the ceremony, the CEO of Elm  Dr. AlJadhai honored the employees who completed fifteen, ten and five years in the company, which confirms the ideal professional environment that Elm provides to its employees, and ensures their continuity in the company.
It is worth mentioning that Elm is a Saudi company owned by the Public Investment Fund, managed by distinguished national efficiencies, and has earned the confidence of a number of governmental and private organizations. It is one of the leading digital companies locally and internationally by the provision of a number of services and solutions that include: electronic services and products, training, consulting, and IT solutions. In addition to providing administrative support and outsourcing, at a high level that achieves the aspirations of customers, while contributing in building national expertise and localizing information technology in order to build a epistemic society that keeps pace with the accelerated pace of the digital era.