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A Virtual MoU between "Elm" and “Etqaan” to Further Cooperation


Elm, a pioneering digital solutions company and Etqaan Real Estate Company, have signed yesterday in Riyadh an MoU in a virtual signing ceremony attended by Elm's CEO Dr. Abdulrahman bin Saad Aljadhai and Etqaan's board chairman Abdulaziz bin Fahad Alrasheed. 

This MoU comes as a testimony to the deep-rooted partnership between the two parties to develop and execute thriving projects in e-services and IT and invest each party's added values to serve what's best for the companies’ interest, the public’s, and all targeted entities. 

Elm's spokesperson, the Vice President of Marketing, Majid bin Saad Alarifi, emphasized that the MoU arrives at a crucial time, as the local market demands the provision of digital tools and systems tailored to the need of its customers. Elm remains among the top-tier in offering effective digital solutions as per the highest technological and security standards worldwide, assuring that the two parties are moving forward in developing e-products related to real estate auctions and exploring areas of possible cooperation in partnership with other parties. 

On the other hand, Etqaan's Board Chairman, Abdulaziz Alrasheed stressed that such a partnership resonates with Etqaan's commitment to keep pace with a fast-growing real estate sector by streamlining and innovating systems equipped with expertise and flourishing partnerships, as the world shifts to e-platforms. 

Moreover, Alrasheed outlined Etqaan's expertise, skill and wide base of customers in managing real estate projects to achieve the highest possible returns for all partners. Stressing that such partnership will uncover unbound thriving opportunities and potential in transforming the real estate market. 

In this context, Elm has developed a specific platform for setting up auctions, as this partnership with Etqaan is meant to drive real estate auctions forward and provide a number of services with high-quality standards via multi-channel platforms to effectuate its customers' aspirations. Such partnership aims at building local expertise and localizing the IT sector, in an effort to promote a knowledge-based society that keeps pace with a fast-moving digital age. Etqaan is one of the most prominent real estate companies in the Kingdom specialized in real estate megaprojects and property marketing with a record of more than 50 successful real estate auctions, in addition to being the first company to hold an auction simultaneously in multiple regions via live broadcasting.