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Elm Entrepreneur Competition


Elm Company has recently concluded "Elm entrepreneur" competition which is the first of its kind in the region. The competition targets the company employees and it is one of the initiatives of Elm's labs program which aims to boost creativity and create of entrepreneurial culture in the company, the competition is an opportunity for the staff to create new and innovative products. The competition lasted for three days and included a presentation of ideas, formation of the teams, creation of workshops and the implementation of projects, in the presence of CEO Dr. AbdulRahman bin Saad AlJadhai.

The competition has attracted 55 innovative ideas from the first day, 36 of which are implementable and winning 3 ideas. The first winner received SR50,000 while the second received SR40,000 and the third winner received SR30,000.

The competition allows employees to participate as idea owners or supportive Web Developers, Business Developers or Designers or otherwise.  The idea owner presents his idea for one minute, then registered employees (excluding idea owners) vote for the idea which is implementable, after that, ideas with most number of votes are announced and idea owners meet with idea supporters who are willing to transform the idea into a product for the company. Lastly, the teams present their achievements to an awarding committee who will decide on the three winning teams.

Elm has made a press release on this occasion elaborating on the strategic dimensions of similar competitions on promoting a culture of creativity and enriching the labor market with innovative ideas. The company emphasized that such initiative is a strong supporter of the e-business sector.

The company also stressed out that the competition will provide innovative ideas and qualified entrepreneurs for the e-business which is expected to provide thousands of job opportunities in the coming years.

Elm pointed out that innovation and creativity is the key to success in making life easy, as many organizations have complex systems but they need innovative, flexible and simple ideas, and this is the role of innovation where it simplifies such systems and enhances the quality and speed levels which result in more income and better services.

Elm stated that its support and encouragement for national talents with innovation abilities and skills will provide national cadres with necessary expertise. The company strives to be the source of national inspiration for the e-business sector and a solid foundation for the localization of the IT industry through its programs. These programs are embedded in Elm KPIs and are part of Elm strategic goals.

Many of those interested in the "Elm Entrepreneur" competition expressed their admiration by their interaction in social media network during the competition. They also supported the implementation of similar initiatives in the private sector to promote the culture of innovation and creativity among employees; they also praised the role of Elm in creating similar competitions.

It is worth mentioning that "Elm" is one of the most important companies which pays special attention to its human capital by developing these employees through innovation-oriented seminars and competitions and by enrolling them in training courses to keep in pace with the latest technology. The special attention the company gives to its Human Resources is one of the company top priorities and is practiced by providing a suitable work atmosphere which stimulates innovation and excellence, this is reflected in the services offered by the company and the development of business performance.