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New Innovative Services Added to Muqeem


In association with Elm Company, the General Directorate of Passports has introduced a new service in "Muqeem" Portal. The service concerns Postal Parcels, which is sent after Residence Permit card is printed in order to allow users to request its enclosure with the parcel and then define the delivery address. This service is meant to save customer's time and effort. The Passport's Directorate developed "Muqeem" electronic services, which earlier began by issuing the Residence Permit, change of profession or occupation in addition to transfer of Residence Permit sponsorship and last but not the least, the Postal Parcels service.
In a press release, the General Directorate of Passports explained that work is ongoing to develop 'Muqeem" for smart phones, and creating new innovative services with modern advantages that save time and effort. The Directorate noted that "Muqeem electronic portal" allows direct electronic linking of private firms with the Directorate, whereby the firm can issue an exit re-entry visas for its employees, or cancel it, issue final exit visas in addition to renewal of Residence Permits. Updated information of employees of the firm can also be viewed easily.
The Directorate commended the role played by Elm Company, which achieved the objectives, and Strategies of the "Passports Directorate" by providing modern and innovative services to users.
The General Directorate of Passports Department unveiled the new Muqeem Portal which provides additional services including the transfer of sponsorship and change of profession easily and it is compatible with all computer browsers and smart phones, providing digital menus as well as sophisticated and detailed reports about residents and visa statistics, in addition to many interactive services.
According to "Passport Directorate"; Muqeem Services Portal has succeeded during the past period, in the accomplishing of more than 6 million renewal transaction of residence permit. Also, the completion of more than 12 million exit re-entry visa until today, stressing that the number of users has exceeded 44, 000 beneficiaries, and more than 4.5 million residents having their procedures performed by the Muqeem services portal.
On the other hand and in cooperation with Elm Company, the Directorate General of Passports seeks more development to the services provided to meet the needs of customers and utilize better technology to enable Firms and individuals to work faster as well as enabling users to get better services at lower costs.
"Elm" Company confirmed that it had innovated "Muqeem Service" in order to create a modern electronic work environment for users and it sought to develop the service in order to offer Businessmen and Human Resources Departments an opportunity for direct access to the database of the General Directorate of Passport at any time and from anywhere via the internet. It offers control to carry out all transactions regarding a many services in an easy and safe way.
The chief executive officer of Elm Company explained that, users could carry out all these services from their offices directly and in just a few minutes. He added that Muqeem portal, is one the projects of Elm" Company which seeks to utilize smart technology as far as possible and facilitate information systems in order to assist Firms to reduce cost, increase efficiency and provide high quality services to users in a short time, overcoming complex procedures, put the fastest and easiest solutions and services best suited to customers'.
The chief executive officer of Elm Company stressed that a user can apply more than 20 electronic transactions through "Muqeem" Services Portal on the following link www.Muqeem.sa, to use it in a simple and easy way and with the possibility to track applications and requests. Upon the completion of an application, it can be sent electronically through the new Post Parcel Service by writing the address of recipient and his destination.
It is worth mentioning that Muqeem Portal is characterized by the provision of prompt and reliable information, by Residence Permit No. of the resident, thereby saving time, effort and money for the management of each firm's human resources department, it also offers an alert to the human resources department if there are any fraud or illegal incident happened regarding the travel or stay of the resident. In addition to the service of the automatic filling for forms of the General Directorate of Passports.