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More than 1700 employees celebrate their activities in Elm


ELM, a leading provider of innovative electronic solutions and government support services, successfully hosted its annual party in the middle of March at the Al Khozama Banqueting & Conference Centre in Riyadh. The joint stock company owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF) holds this annual activity as part of its commitment to promote the spirit of teamwork among its staff, consolidate communication ties between management and its employees and to celebrate the company’s achievements over the previous year.
In addition to providing an atmosphere of fun and camaraderie, the tone of the evening’s celebration focused on the trust and cooperation maintained by ELM’s officials and employees—a strong driver that has helped the company achieve its objectives to become one of the best working environments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and encourage its staff to be more innovative and creative.
In his welcome address at the event, Abdurrahman Aljadhai, CEO of ELM, lauded the employees for their continued dedication and efforts to strengthen the company’s position, gain customer’s trust and contribute to the expansion of ELM activities—resulting in the company’s excellent performance in 2014. In response, attendees that evening reaffirmed their show of support and commitment in helping ELM succeed in its expansion initiatives and move to its next phase in its strategic roadmap to development.
This year’s annual party featured a variety of activities and entertainment, which included the honoring of employees who have been with ELM for the past ten years; employees who recently obtained their bachelors or masters degree and those who contributed their creative ideas in the company’s ELM Ideas Bank. Before the annual staff party, ELM also organized a special staff meeting with Aljadhai. The dialogue served as a key platform where employees were able to ask questions that the ELM CEO was able to answer with full transparency and clarity. Prior to the meeting, a specially designed mobile app was created to allow attendees to send in their questions to the CEO.
ELM is recognized as one of the country’s top companies that have placed great importance on its human resources—offering and providing specialized training courses to qualify, certify and keep their employees at pace with the latest IT advancements