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Mashroat and Elm Signs an Agreement to launch a New Digital Platform


The National Project Management Organization (Mashroat) has signed an agreement to partner with Elm, a pioneering digital solutions company. This partnership aims to launch a platform that enables government agencies to register and verify asset information subject to maintenance and operation. The e-signing ceremony took place yesterday under the patronage of Mashroat General Manager, Mr. Muhammad bin Ali Alasiri, and Elm's CEO, Dr. Abdulrahman Aljadhai.

Mr. Alasiri asserted that Mashroat is pushing through limits to expand its partnerships reach and effectuate the program's objectives to boost Saudi Arabia's infrastructure efficiency by enabling public entities to manage their projects and facilities. Such agreement holds a high significance as it establishes a national platform that plays a vital role in inventorying and registering assets. It is a crucial milestone in facilities management within Mashroat methodology. The platform is a cloud-based service that will cover 16 government agencies in its first stage, registering their assets such as buildings, roads, bridges, administrative buildings, and hospitals. Moreover, it will provide pivotal support to the government's facilities management sector by providing an accessible digital system to archive, verify, analyze, and export assets electronically and link it to their geographical location.

Alasiri emphasized on Mashroat's unbound dedication to enabling public entities to apply unified standards for policies, procedures, and regulations in the operation and maintenance sector and to transform the assets and facilities management. He also stressed the program's commitment to its partners within the public sector to maintain a thriving economy and prosperous lifestyle under the wise leadership of our government.

On the other said, Elm's Marketing sector spokesperson, Majid bin Saad Alarifi, affirmed that the platform's services would be provided mainly through Mashroat. He indicated that the platform would spark the company's journey in developing integrated digital solutions for the assets and facilities management sector. He also added, this is a new shift to boost infrastructure maintenance and management while ensuring effectiveness and transparency in such a vital sector.

He went then to outline Elm's role in promoting economic growth by employing the potential of advanced technologies to secure a sustainable economy in the long term. Alarifi added this is an endeavor that seeks to bridge any gap by adopting automation and connectivity to provide an integrated data-based platform that meets the needs of customers. Such cooperation will power-up joined-efforts with relevant authorities to build an effective and highly efficient economic relationship.

It is worth noting that it falls within Elm's permanent interests to support technology initiatives that aim at localizing technology. Elm's business model revolves around developing solutions that suit customers' needs, through omnichannel platforms, including digital services, training, consulting solutions, information technology solutions, in addition to digital outsourcing.

Mashroat is driven by a vision that strives to raise the effectiveness, productivity, and sustainability of our national infrastructure, as per approved international standards, by enabling government agencies to adopt a new projects and facilities management method based on global best practices.