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King Fahad Medical City and Elm sign a memorandum of cooperation to train cadres in the health fields


King Fahd Medical City, represented by the Self-Revenue Fund and "Elm", a leading provider of innovative digital solutions, signed a memorandum of partnership and cooperation yesterday to train and develop cadres in various health fields.
The agreement was signed from the side of the King Fahad Medical City by the Executive Director of the Medical City Dr. Mahmoud bin Abdul-Jabbar Al-Yamani and signed from the side of the company of «Elm» by the CEO of the company Dr. Abdulrahman AlJadhai
According to the memorandum of understanding, the two parties will cooperate in developing innovative ways to enhance the process of training cadres in the health fields, create joint investment opportunities, provide distance training and upgrade the efficiency and pace of work related to the memorandum.
"This memorandum is in consistent with the medical city's plans aimed at raising the level of human efficiencies and developing various medical programs through cooperation between governmental and private agencies to achieve quality in the services provided", as Dr. Mahmoud Al Yamani, Executive Director of King Fahad Medical City stated."
"The memorandum aims at collaboration between the two parties to develop and perform joint actions and implement the initiative of training and development of cadres in health fields by investing in the ​​added values of both parties to achieve their interests and the general interests of the target parties and marketing products" Dr. Abdulrahman AlJadhai said that.
"Elm" considers the human as the core reason of success in any project, in both public and private sector. Therefore, through our expertise we design training solutions and manage the specialized training process in full accordance with customer requirement. We start with identifying needs, designing and developing training programs, setting procedures, policies, and the operational model for managing the training, carrying out the training process, and ending with measuring performance and progress, and using modern teaching techniques", he added.